killer bi movement!!!

  1. killer bi movement!!!

    list of things you need:

    training partner
    seated preacher curl machine
    willingness to endure a' thrashing

    WARNING!!!!!this is not for the begginner!

    warm up your bis. few sets of seated preacher machine curls.
    then put some descent weight on there, something you can do 10 x's or so.

    hold the grips in the top position statically while your partner, forces your arms down the whole time your pulling againts him trying to hold the bar up. basically like a forced eccentric movement.
    do this a couple of times (slowly) and then hit some reps directly afterward.

    DUDE, i am going to see some hella gains off such psychotic moves.

    I am going to try this same method on pull ups, with someone hanging on me to pull me down....I tried them today on seated calf raises with him (220lbs) and 3 plates on the mast forcing the weight down. i was careful not to hold with everything i had because i felt the balls of my feet tingling like i had never felt, probably something close to letting go.

    has anyone ever tried them? (forced eccentrics)
    and with what results?

    i want to say that injury could very easily happen if you were going too psycho with these movements so be careful if you decide to throw some in.

    thought anyone?

  2. nobody has even heard of these?????

    is it a dumbass thing to do????

  3. back in the day i tries something i think it was called bigger muscles in 42 days. anywho i would have to load the bar with a **** load more than i could handle. have someone assist with the positive movement and try to do the negative as slow and controlled as i could. all i know is after doing that for two weeks i finally blasted past my goal in bench press. i also did eat a ****load more while doing that so i dunno.

  4. I use forced rep negatives all the time. They are a great change up in a routine. I always switch my training routine using "standard" lifts, drop sets, standard negatives, forced negatives, circuits. IMO the only thing that should be consistent with your training is inconsistency. If you haven't done these in the past, you will definitely make gains from them. But you will have to change your training style again at some point when your body equilibrates to the movemement.

  5. I've done similar in regards to slow negatives, but this Bi workout sounds good...look forward to giving it a try...if I can find a committed partner!

  6. It's not for beginners, but I used to do something similar except it goes as follows:

    Preacher curl, easy curl bar.

    Your partner forces the bar down (you may have to add weight if you are real strong or your wife is your partner) at a controlled slow rate while you resist, and then on the concentric they provide just enough reistance to allow a slow return.

    Wash, rinse, repeat. After 4-5 reps your bi's will be nuked, I recommend doing this at the end of your bi workout, and definitely make sure you are properly warmed up and stretch a bit.

    Man, that gets me thinking, I haven't done these in some time.

    Gonna bring the pain next bi workout.

  7. Negatives are great for mixing things up, but overtraining is always right around the corner when they are in your regular routine.

  8. little update:

    my calves were SMOKED!

    i was rubbin horse linement on them all the third day, damn, felt like i ripped some sh_ _.
    so i did some sprints!!!!

    but no JOKE! they still arent a hundred percent and they are visibly bigger.
    ill have to get the tape out to see if they hit the 17 mark.

  9. i've heard of a variation which is a great ender. Basically you do a set of thirty reps, split into three parts, with only a little weight on an ez curl bar. For the first ten reps your partner resists you enough that you have to go all out in a smooth controlled motion, not stopping during the rep, then the second ten partner pushes down on the negative and again really slow and smooth, last ten just rep them out with or without partners help. Its important to get a good feel for what your partner can do, so that they are able to finish the exercise and keep the tension longer. This is a great finisher and can be repeated if you aren't quite done. It'll help get that pump pretty well.

  10. Yeah, my buddy from college was in town and we went to the gym and he showed me those. Goddamn, I couldn't straighten my arms for a week after that. Those are smokers.

  11. i have done something similar before.any number of reps split into thirds with each split as portion is done until you reach concentric failure,second is a forced negative till failure and the final third is actual negative failure with an assisted concentric.i did this for bi,side delts,calves.never been so sore but i grew like mad for the month i did it.i remember somthing was covered in school about this i think they called holistic training protocol but i am not sure.i will do some reading and see if i can find the study.if so i will post it in this thread.

  12. i just did a variation of this to day except your partner over loads the bottom of the movement, when you get past the first third or so he lets completely go. then repeat..

    like a strive target plate loading sytem does on the bottom...

    it would especially help someone with high bis fill them out...


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