cycle routine

  1. cycle routine

  2. that is a perfect X cycle. You might want to repost it.

  3. trying

    trying to put my excel sheet up as an attachment but it wont, how do I get it up as an image?
  4. Re: trying

    Originally posted by Panther06
    trying to put my excel sheet up as an attachment but it wont, how do I get it up as an image?
    Could take a screenshot using the PrintScreen key, then paste in some iamging program, like Paint.
  5. here is the program

    ok here is the program, its 3 on 1 off, so 6 days a week, after cycle 4 I take 3 days off. let me know what you think? i am thinking of changing my program around for the bulking cycle?
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  6. Ah ****, I see some flaws, but Ill have to get to this tomorrow, Im tired and I cant quote because of the format... YJ

  7. thanks, whenever you ahve time YJ

  8. You need more sets than 8 for chest. Work in some dumbells, I like incline bench press. What do you do for triceps? it just says triceps. I recommend 9 total sets. close grip bench, skull crushers, and presses, but since you do chest and tris on the same day (like I do), give weighted dips a go. Nothing, in my opinion, builds mass like dips. You have to do more sets for shoulders also, although military presses are great, they just wont get it done alone.

    Thats a real confusing lay out now that I look at it, its too difficult to critique it...

  9. The way I work it is I go 3 days on 1 off, so cycle 1 is 3 days then 1 off, cycle 2 is 3 days then 1 off, etc. once I am done with all 4 cycles which is about 2 weeks I take 3 days off before I start over.

    for triceps I do the tricep extension machine. it seems like a pretty confusing layout but essentially comes down to 6 days on 1 off, and each week the day off changes i.e. week one thursday is off then next week friday is day off.

  10. Well the basic idea of a three on 4 split is about what I do. My sets and reps are set up a little differently, but thats just what works for me.

    Non the less, I am not sure if doing the same weight for the same rep multiple times is a great idea. IMHO either raise or lower the weight between sets, I see no point in doing the same thing over and over again. Also I like to add in inensity factors rather than just performing straight sets and reps, but not everything gets benefits from those.

    The volume dosn't look bad to me considering the 3 on 4, and if 4 per an exercize sets is what works best for then its decent.


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