Neoprene wrap??

  1. Neoprene wrap??

    Was watching Ronnie Coleman's latest video and noticed he was wearing what appeared to be a large neoprene wrap around his midsection for doing cardio. Anyone ever heard of this? If so what purpose is it intended to serve - I wouldn't thing support is the issue for simple cardio.

  2. The idea is to increase your body heat in the area where he is wearing the wrap. I believe that the jury is still out if this actually helps with spot reduction.


  3. Ahh, thanks Gumbo. I'd assume the idea is that the extra heat would result in greater fat release. I'll need to do some research into this. Seems kind of bizarre off hand, but who am I to say.

    Coleman made a big deal of pointing out it was over 100 degrees when he was doing his cardio, adding a wrap to get even more heat is insane. I sweat bad enough without extra heat ...

  4. its not the wrap its whats under it.preparation h. try shrinks tissue by pulling water out from under the wearing a wrap you increase the heat in the area resulting in even greater water loss.

  5. Bronx

    I would assume this result is short lived? If the body pulls the water out of a group of cells, down the road wouldn't it just rehydrate them at a later date? Interesting concept - makes perfect sense though because the movie was filmed during Coleman's run up to the 2003 Mr. O.

  6. effects are very tempory {1-2 days after you stop} but quite dramatic as well.


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