Lifting meet in 2 weeks,

  1. Lifting meet in 2 weeks,

    Ok, I have a powerlifting meet in less than 2 weeks, I decided a few months ago to just do the bench press. I have been going up the last few weeks and I think I hit my mark ( can't go any higher).........I maxed out last week at 195 for one rep......I weight as of friday 129, and I stand 5'11........ I really want to get over 200? Am i reaching to high? Should I be happy with 195? Thoughts? Ideas?

    This is my last powerlifting meet, someone told me I shouldn't do this one and well I am very stubborn so I had to try!!!

  2. WG,
    Is that 195 with a bench shirt or not? Id you weren't using a bench shirt and nailed the weight you should be able to handle 205 for a single. There aren't a whole lot of tricks to pull out within the last 2 weeks but here might be some that will help.
    1. Take out 225 and hold it or do one or two negatives with it. It will help train the nerves.
    2. Do some rack work, you should be able to go heavy.
    3. Use a stimulant. There aren't many avaiable to use in comptition but even something like smelling salts might help get the adraniline going a little bit more. If you aren't a caffiene user that would work for you too. A Primatine Mist tablet (you can get them over the counter at Rite Aide, they are for people with asthma) could work but ephidrine will show up in your system.

    But if you decide to stay with 195, only you can know if you'll be happy with that. But because most of the people we associate with tend to be bigger and stronger than the average public we lose sight of just how big and strong we are. Doing 195, you have noting to hang your head about.

    If I might ask, any reason this is going to be your last compitition?

  3. Thanks for the tips, 195 was with out a bench shirt, I have to find my old one....LOL

    I have some health things going on so this has to be my last meet for awhile anyway, but like i said I am very stubborn and someone said I should /could not do this meet, so I decided oh yeah!!!! I can and I will....... Besides I kind of retired my powerlifting suit, so to speak about 6 yrs ago when I walked away with the state record in my weight class for dead lifting......
    Agian thanks for the tips!!!!!

  4. I hope you quickly overcome your health problems. But don't be surprised if in a few years you feel the itch to get back in the game. I am unable to compete due to injuries but I still haven't gotten it out of my system. I think powerlifting is one of those things that gets in your system and infects you.
    I don't know your age (and as luck would have it we share the same birthday), but as you do get older it gets harder to rebound. It sounds like you would probably have a lot of information and experience, so in your down time, don't be afraid to share it with others. Powerlifting can always use more women.

  5. Heh, just thought I'd chime in on this thread since I always like to see a girl who powerlifts I hope your meet went well.

    If you get bitten by the bug again, I'd suggest getting some mini green stretch bands, and making some 3 and 4 board stacks for board press. look at your sticking point in the bench, if it's in the middle of the lift go for 3 board, if you have a hard time locking out go for 4 board. You might be able to use a closed back 2 ply poly shirt if you're hitting close to 200 raw, work on 2 board presses if you can't lock out weight heavy enough to get down, for reps of 3-5, then switch to singles and work up to max effort on the 4 board press. Then do a speed day 72 hours later, work bench with a close grip, competition grip and illegally wide grip 3 sets each for 3 reps with the green mini bands and 40-50% of your max lift. Also, really work on being tight on the bench, that alone can give a big boost.

    Always work on form and putting the weight up fast, and when you see a weak point hammer the hell out of it!

  6. I did do well thanks.......215, one max rep!!! YEAH GO ME!!!!! Now i can stop competeing and enjoy watching until I get challenged again.....LOL

  7. Quote Originally Posted by wranglergirl
    I did do well thanks.......215, one max rep!!! YEAH GO ME!!!!! Now i can stop competeing and enjoy watching until I get challenged again.....LOL

    I'd probably like to date

  8. Quote Originally Posted by SUPERMAN0383

    I'd probably like to date
    Nah, you don't wanna date her, she's from rhode island she probably has a cranston accent... Or worse, she could be from newport *shudders*

    Go pats!

    Ex Nihilo

  9. LOL nice take on Rhode Island, no i don't have the cranston accent, and i dont have the big johnston for newport, hardly a snob!!!! I am from a small place, in the country, and you would not want to date me, that he is right ......

  10. I'm a snob. snobs are cool...

    if you're nice maybe you can take a trip on my yacht to block island, hah. You'll have to answer to 'Buffy' though...

    Go Pats!

  11. Amazing how a good bench can turn a guy on, isn't it Buffy?

  12. Quote Originally Posted by skoal
    Amazing how a good bench can turn a guy on, isn't it Buffy?
    Yep, it's awesome she's got a good bench AND she still looks like a woman. Think about..if one of us BB guys had a kid with a girl like'd be a superkid.

  13. Man, some of you guys are weird. Just saying that for your own good...

  14. LOL I agree

  15. Heh, I'm just waiting for the next episode in the SUPERMAN0383 saga. Next thing you know he'll want to start a muscle cult with you, recruit a bunch of followers, travel to an uninhabited far away island, and breed a new race of beefy demi-human ogres

    Personally I'll leave the followers at home... but a relaxing trip to fiji, sipping mixed drinks at a beachside bungalow sounds kinda nice, lol. Maybe if I pretend to be a muscle cult disciple SUPERMAN0383 will pay for my airfare

  16. LOL, perhaps you have been watching to many episodes of some Sfi Fi show!!!! besides didn't we establish I am a jerk to date????

  17. Hey now, don't be knocking on the Sci Fi *runs and puts on spock ears* Human emotions are illogical...

    As for you being a jerk to date, my rhode island comments didn't seem to deter anyone. I'm sure you can think up something better - if I was a chick and some guy was hitting on me that I didn't like I'd say I have HIV LOL

  18. Funny you should say that, I have in the past decided to do things guys do to detour them and I have been 100% successful, ie, mentioning bathroom( going) and pretending to fake an itch, in the private region ( LOL) that was my fav...and guess what he never called me again!!!!! thank god

  19. Yeah, sometimes when I used to go out girls would pull the bathroom thing on me. Hell, I've even had friends of girls (who didn't like me) say they had to go to the bathroom, then proceed to drag the girl I was talking to (who did) off - lol, wtf?!

  20. This was on the ideas of GROSS!!!!!!! LOL As I always say I am not your typical girl................

  21. This thread truly did digress

  22. This isn't exactly a news flash but women make men stupid, the sexier the woman the stupidier we get. And wrangler can make us all look pretty stupid.

    Plus, if you talk to her, she's just cool.

  23. <-- sick, a stomach thing i am sure from one of my little ones at not thinking clearly....But:

    Ummmm psssss I am not sexy!!! I take the cool compliment though!!!


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