1. steroids

    Are they worth considering if you are conservative with them?

    is it better to take them once you reach genetic limit? Or take them to get their faster instead..

    where is the best place to research?

    it true than many bb'ers take degree's in this chemical stuff just so they know how to cycle safely?

    im new to this stuff, I have just been banned for asking these questions on another site so forgive me if I sound thick or just "blunt"

    Any 10 cents on this will help, as I prefer to be "informed", there are guys who believe 97% of people in any local gym or cycling, and the ones who arent are genetically gifted.. I think thats a bit of a stretch myself but do correct me if im ill informed.

    I also started reading about hgh and it seems like a bad choice due to facial deformity and so on..

    I cant help but be blunt with the questions because I google something and people talk openly about this stuff, but if I ask something I get banned off of the same website for mentioning it.. I wont say what **** site it was (

    but yea

  2. Wrong subforum and horrible topic to pick on anyways:

    Hm...stats say 5'11" 145lbs , and sounds quite young a mentality to even throw in the concept of "getting there faster" (genetic limit wise)...So in a simple way , at your stats , and as of right now, steroids don't exists in this world for you. They are a myth like the unicorn or fire breathing dragons. So please, just hop in the nutrition and training sub forums for us to help you out reach genetic limit in the normal way that everyone has to undergo, with sheer dedication, sacrifice and commitment to this LIFESTYLE , since it does take ages , even decades to reach a desired physique .
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Rep

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