Pain in your elbows squatting or benching?

  1. Pain in your elbows squatting or benching?

    Found an article posted last year on a way one might address this pain in your elbows and/or shoulders when squatting or benching:

    Obtain Flexibility in Shoulders

    This is an issue that has surfaced for me back in May that made squatting brutal. I could only take 4 sessions of it before I started scouring the web for info on dealing with the problem. A quick fix solution was performing shoulder dislocations, however, this video/article seems to really hit the nail on the head and suggest ways of dealing with the problem.

    Hope you guys find this useful.

  2. maybe...: as another piece to help out and plug in those areas can help as well? I found it to be a huge help in any mobility, flexibility issues.
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  3. I've finally come to realize the true importance of improving mobility and flexibility, and how improving in these aspects alone can bust people out of plateaus and prevent injury. By incorporating more hip and ankle mobility drills I was finally able to break the 400lb squat barrier that took me almost a year to pass.

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