See any holes in this frame?

  1. From the picture your erector spinae muscles appear to lack development

  2. Quote Originally Posted by ZiR RED View Post
    From the picture your erector spinae muscles appear to lack development
    rite !!!
    You come in peace, but you go back in pieces

  3. What can I do to remedy this?

  4. Deadlifts, good mornings, reverse hyperextensions, hyperextensions, etc.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  5. Any tips?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by ripped_k1d View Post
    Any tips?
    As far as what? Technique, rep range, etc.?
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  7. Ok great got I thanks. Deads today!

  8. add deadlifts and squats into your training regiment. it will help add quality mass on your frame.

    edit: pullups for more width / that v taper. but i'd stick to the above basics right now. these guys wont steer you in the wrong direction, that's for sure.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    Deadlifts, good mornings, reverse hyperextensions, hyperextensions, etc.
    Deadlifts would really help you increase your size the most. Lift heavy

  10. Thanks guy for all the feedback. Believ it or not, but the scrawny frame you see here used to pull 385 with ease for sets of 10 and squat 405. But that before elbow surgery and a 5month lay off. Now that its summmer I haven't. Upped my calories and I've been rehabbbing so been going light on deadlifts. Obviosuly it shows.. I feel cut but not enough mass to work with. Any tips for having intense workouts with deadlifts without going super heavy on the weight? I've bee going double overhand grip because I heard it protects the elbow more. I can't compromise my elbow which has my forearm tendon grafted to it.
    I appreciate you guys taking the time to help me. I won't let you down. I have no distractions just the gym.

  11. ^ those numbers are redic and thats strong as hell for how little you are.. Just keep it up man. I too do a DOH grip for my deadlifts, as to protect my elbows / biceps...
    As far as deadlifts, they always seem to treat me better when I hit em heavy.. Lighter high rep deads for me- just don't work as well (my form gets ****ty as I get tired, and then I'm more likely to hurt myself than to make gains)... You could always use straps for your deadlifts, cause i know DOH is a biiiiiiiiitch to hold the weight w/ out the bar rolling out of your hands.. But if you're completely laying off deads for a little bit, you should find a reverse hyper machine and ABUSE the **** out of it.. that will help keep your erectors strong while giving your elbow a complete break of being pulled on with heavy weight.

    As far as gaining mass, i used to be super scrawny. The best thing for you to gain weight is going to always be MOAR FOOD!!!
    Seriously. Up your calories. Get good quality meals in with clean foods, but don't be afraid to eat some pizza once in a while, it wont hurt you...

    And as far as a training program, I have yet to do it (its next on my list), is 5/3/1. I've seen a good natural friend of mine gain quite a bit of quality mass sticking to this program. Go and buy the book by jim wendler..
    Or if you're more into volume training, I would suggest mountain dog training. You can read all about it on
    I personally did one round of mtn dog and found some great gains.. I'm on my second round now, and I am about to implement some heavy duty bands and chains into my training. I LOVE MOUNTAIN DOG TRAINING. The biggest thing here is to make sure you're getting plenty of rest and food.

  12. Those numbers where before my 4month break and elbow surgery. Used to weigh 185. Now I'm MUCH weaker. Legs retained some weight though.. Guess how much I weigh in the picture I posted...... I'd love to start crunching calories but my ego is pretty big and I'm chasing a 6 pack, so I'm trying to ride the line between bulk/cut and have a legit recomp going. I'm a volume whore I'll check out mountain dog training now.

  13. Yeah I'm the same way.. Want to be lean for summertime... so i'm cutting back a bit.


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