2X Daily Training

  1. 2X Daily Training

    I've seen some users post about training the same bodypart twice per day to increase the intensity a bit. I also read somewhere a while back about some lifters in the Eastern Bloc who would always train twice per day.

    What I haven't read about are the detriments. Does anyone know about the downsides to doing this? I'm going to begin training twice a day for chest, back and legs since they're big groups with a lot of muscle/different functions. My rest days will still stay rest days, and the gear I'm running should keep me from overtraining, I'd just like to hear how it has worked for others.


    Workout 1 - Pressing movements
    Workout 2 - Squeeze/Fly type movements

    Workout 1 - Thickness
    Workout 2 - Width

    Workout 1 - Size
    Workout 2 - Separation
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  2. It's very taxing, but if you're eating enough, it can be worth it. Put at least 6hrs between workouts and powerhouse food and rest.
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  3. as each part of the workout can be done with greater intensity you are pushing your systemic recovery abilities quite harder. that is why i usually will recommend doing less each workout to compensate.
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  4. I'll see how the 2nd workout feels this afternoon. I was in the gym at 9 this morning, and I'm planning on going back at 8 tonight. I'll have had a nap and eaten 5 times between the workouts, so I think I should feel pretty good. I'm curious to see if I'll notice a difference in DOMS tomorrow or the next day.
    Go hard. Go heavy. Never stop.

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