Body fat %

  1. Body fat %

    I tested my body fat on one of the hand held ones before a workout and it read 5.4. How accurate are those damn things. I'm pretty damn lean but I dunno if I'm that low lol.

  2. a handheld one told me i was3% than 20% caliper told me 8%, 8% thab 8%

  3. Yea il go test the real way. Lol.

  4. usually handheld BIA may be about 3 % off. calipers can vary on type of calipers used and person testing you. underwater weighing was considered the gold standard but there still may be a significant fluctuation in percentage. The only true way to tell is with a cadaver but screw that lol. BIA is a good reference point, there is no perfectly accurate method, just estimates.

  5. a bodpod is the best eay

  6. post pictures of front, back and legs, it ain't too hard to figure out
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by AutoKal47 View Post
    post pictures of front, back and legs, it ain't too hard to figure out
    ^ this. If you know what to look for visually, you can usually pin it down to within a few %.
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  8. don't get those stupid ones attached to the scales. It said I was 55%Bf when I'm 5'10 185 lbs.

  9. Haha. I post some pics soon. Thanks


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