1. ABS

    How often should i workout my abs??

    Need feedback..thanks

  2. i try and do some ab work every workout. i will change focus each workout though. i rotate between hip flexion, anti rotation, anti flexion, and anti lateral flexion focused workouts.
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  3. Ohh ill have to look into those workouts..thanks

  4. I do them 5/6 days a week.
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  5. Damnnn i see that..sweet man

  6. Quote Originally Posted by figgy336
    Damnnn i see that..sweet man
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    Ohh ill have to look into those workouts..thanks
    here ya go:
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.

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    Excellent read, also check out
    Sprints in general have been my favorite thing to do for along time. It cuts your extra fat, gives you leg strength, gives you core strength, and are generally great for you. There is a method I tell people who want the "Summer abs in 2 days", its called 666. 6days a week 6sprints a day, for 6 weeks. Start shorter sprints and work your way up, don't overdo it and hurt yourself the first week or two if you are not use to these, just like everything you do. My sprints now consist of Sprint, walkback, Sprint. 1 minute rest in between sets, 7x20yards 6x30yards 5x40yards 4x50yards 3x60yards, 2x70, 1x100. 1 Minute rest starts the sets, it winds up about 2-3minutes between

  9. that will help me a lot for workout !!!
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  10. Abs recover quickly, but you've got to remember that they get hammered a lot if you're lifting heavy. Squating, deads, overhead presses...etc all activate the abs a ton. I hit them hard, heavy, and with moderate volume 3 days a week and it works well for me. I'd advise you to experiment a little with some of the other advice and see what happens!
    Go hard. Go heavy. Never stop.

  11. Like doss said your abs are always getting worked so when you do work them don't do 200 crunches think of it this way...if they are use to being worked as an assist muscle then they are use to being worked (lightly) such as a super high amount of reps like 200 crunches like I see ppl do so when it actually comes to targeting abs hit them heavy...grab a weight that fits your core strength for example I use a 25lb plate and do slight decline sit ups then I move up to a 35lb then a 45lb doing a standard 10-12 reps per set...if you feel you could do 100 reps with a 25lb weight then find a weight that you can only get 12-15 reps with...you wouldn't bench 100lbs 200 reps for 3 sets now would you?
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