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    Alright, thanks! I'll start doing rotator exercises starting tomorrow along with high doses of Omega 3's and see if that helps out my shoulder. I'll let you guys know how it goes.
    Just thought I'd let you guys know that my shoulder is doing much better and by the time next week rolls around it looks like I'll be good to go with my regular routine. Thanks for the help!

  2. Mine is too. These shoulder dislocations work like magic as well as pec minor stretching

  3. No real update except slight slight very small decrease in pain but I have a question.

    Has anyone used DMSO for pain?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by rambo679 View Post
    No real update except slight slight very small decrease in pain but I have a question.

    Has anyone used DMSO for pain?
    I've heard of people using it, but I don't have any personal experience with it. I do like the capsaicin rollon, though.
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  5. before doing shoulders make sure you also warmup and not just stretch. also make sure to hit all parts of the shoulder when working shoulders. that means exercises for front rear and side. i had a lot of problem with my rotator every couple of weeks and i found out i wasn't doing anything for my rear delts. after it healed i added some exercises for rear delts and haven't had a problem since.

  6. I have a permanent injury to my left rotator cuff and I find the pec dec to be very effective and it relieves alot of the ache pains I experience.

  7. Maybe you have a weak subscapularis. Do your shoulder blades wing out by any chance?

  8. Update, I bench pressed pain free today. The only pain now is the mental pain from the low weight I have to lift after a month out.

    I'm mature enough to realize benching 30lbs less is better than benching 0
    Lbs because my shoulder is shot.

    I got brave and tried doing a butterfly but that still hurt.

    Not sure who it was asked to but my shoulder blades do wing out.

  9. Update to update:
    My shoulders used to wing out a lot more, I looked at myself in the mirror(as I often do) and they are substantially less.

  10. You need to strengthen your subscapularis with internal rotations. Also your lower/mid traps and rhomboids with reverse flies, over head shrugs, row variations (all light weight with high reps). Only do direct external rotater work x 2 weekly. And keep doing pec minor/major stretches. This will help set the humerus head back and away from the acromian wall as well. Also throw in light pec flies as this will stretch the pecs in a positive manner.

  11. Also.. look up youtube videos on anterior humeral glide, and make sure u dont do that. If u do, u have to work on that.

  12. Everyone has been a big help thanks a lot to you all!
    Speaking of Scap Pushups, Ive been doing them three times a week, 3 sets of 20-30. Does this seem adequate?
    Also the 100 band pullaparts have been a great help thanks a lot Joe Defranco, and infact in honor of him, here is his family's greatest work:

  13. Oh yea scap push ups are awesome actually keep doing those and yes, you're in the correct rep range and sets. But, you dont want to over work the subscapularis... it can strain and even tear. Hmmm, yep.. just remember this... subscapularis, lower/mid traps, rhomboids strengthening and pec stretches. Dont forget to stretch. Foam rolling my upper back and scaps with the rumble roller helps me a lot. If you can, look into a massage therapist.

  14. They can work wanders trust me.

  15. Lean away pull ups, bilateral trap 3 raises, face pulls with cable machine. Many more but they help me the most
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  16. ^i agree. Stay away from lat movements right now. Focus on strengthening the different planes of the scapula first. Remember light weight, focus on technique and squeezing the scapula muscles in whatever variation of a rows or shrug you do. Check to see how your rotator cuff flexibility is.


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