Looking for ideas on my workout

  1. Looking for ideas on my workout

    I need to downsize my home gym and was looking for ideas to get good results from a small space. I'm not going to be able to use my power rack, just my bench, and I have an olympic dumbell set and a standard bar set and about 400 lbs of weight. I have to work out in a space about 6 x 10 feet in a garage, pulling the car forward to workout. I have a gym membership but the only time it's not crowded is early in the morning and late at night, and I'm trying to come back from a few fairly serious injuries so my ego is bruised at having to go a lot lighter than I'd like to (you know what I mean). Anyone have experience with this type of training and what will best utilize my small space and equipment, I'll be doing it this way for 6 months or so until I'm in reasonably good enough shape to start my DS products...though it's tempting to use them during my recovery phase...any ideas there- should I use test type products to enhance getting back to where I was, or do I wait until I start hitting plateaus? Thanks for any input.

  2. Start now, why wait? Also, add some Synthroid and/or hGH to the mix and watch how fast you heal.

  3. Go with the basic compound movements and build from there. Makes for a simple, easy workout.

    Bench Press
    Bent Over Row
    Clean and Press
    Straight Leg Dead Lift
    Calf Raise

    Every other day with that for a while should get you back on track.

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