Cardio Routine That Worked for YOU

  1. Cardio Routine That Worked for YOU

    This post was inspired by a previous post with Sheesh and Matt-D and myself... you can give a simple or complex example of the cardio that you personally have seen results from and others will appreciate it.... here's my favorite:

    Day 1:
    Moderate 1/4 Run
    After 1/4 mile, drop and do 50 push ups
    Another 1/4 mile
    Drop and do 30 push ups
    Straight 1/2 mile run

    Day 2:

    Shuttles for 2 minutes straight (2 sets)

    *Shuttles are like Michigan States. Run 10 feet, touch the ground, come back to where you started, touch the ground, repeat for 5 minuts

    Followed by a 1 mile run

    Day 3:

    Basketball at the gym or Raquetball for around 1 hour each day, sometimes more if my shot is on

    *sometimes I'll swim, then the sauna, or whirlpool. Sometimes I'll just run a couple miles on the treamill or if its warm, outside.

  2. only cardio ive done the last 2 yrs , and has kept me in single digit body fat percentage is daily walks in the morninng on an empty stomach , no matter what , bulking or cutting .

  3. 30 mins jogging/running

    20 sprints.

  4. which days dez?

  5. Here's mine I'm on now. In two weeks I've dropped 2% bf.

    Cals: 1800 on cardio days, 2200 on workout days.

    Day 1: Workout - Chest, shoulders Tris (am)
    Day 2: Cardio - 20 min run (85% MHR, am)
    Day 3: Workout - legs (am)
    Day 4: Cardio - 30 mins run (interval, am)
    Day 5: Workout - Back Biceps(am)
    Day 6: Cardio - 20 min run (85% MHR, am)

  6. Nelson
    Nelson's Avatar


    I`m interested to know how you handle your pre/post cardio nutrition.
    What does it look like?
    BTW what are your stats?

  7. I do many variations on track sprint workouts, but this in particular has always ****ed me up quite nicely.

    800 meter warmup (400m slow-400m moderate jog), approx 5 mins
    Alternating, 200m sprints @ no slower than 25 sec pace (or 100% effort), and slow jog 200m... so slow jog, kick out a sprint, slow jog, kick out a sprint, until desired level of puke is reached... luckily I've always had the benefit of a track and training partner, so this is what has worked for me. I also like 100m sprints, 200m jogs/300m sprints, 100m jogs... just depends on what feels best for you really.

  8. I jacked up my cardio to 3 hours of raquetball per week. I highly recommend playing sports. It takes your mind off the fact that your doing cardio. Running is the most boring thing ever in my opinion. So far, I've had nice results doing this.


  9. Two words: Guerilla Cardio


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