Anyone follow Ian Mccarthy, Hodge Twins, Luimarco, Matt Ogus, Scoobys home fitness? All are natural body builders, and preach different things. There is kinda a youtube war going on and wondering what your guys view on this is. I cant imbed youtube vids or I would imbed a couple of the video war. Basically its this Ian guy calling out all these other guys, (who all have superior physiques, if i might add) on anything ranging from exercise methods, dieting, and other useless nonsense. My personal view is I would rather listen to someone with a better body and methods that work than someone who is kinda fat but sounds like he knows something because he sounds smart.(but doesnt apply his knowledge?) Kinda fell under the category of exercise science so thats why i put it here, didnt know if it was supposed to go into the "other talk category.