anyone have this happen?

  1. anyone have this happen?

    I've been thinking about posting this for quite awhile, so here goes. About a year and a half ago I started lifting again after a layoff following a shoulder injury, I went too heavy too fast and somehow screwed up my back muscles- by that I mean I started having muscle twitches at random in my right tricep, then chest, and then I woke up one morning and my right side back muscle (the one that runs down the spine like a cord) was almost unbearably cramped. I went to my doctor, and he gave me 4 or 5 injections to relieve the spasm and reduce the swelling. After the muscle pain went away, I still had pain in my right tricep and hand. That went on for 3 months until I decided to see a chiropractor about the pain- which felt like the hand and tricep were going to swell and burst all the time. The chiropractor adjusted my back one time, and within a couple of days the pain was gone! However, ever since then I've had 2 problems. My right index finger feels kind of numb all the time, and when I flex my right tricep with no weights in my hand it feels like there's a delay when I let off of the flex, almost like it wants to cramp up on me. Does anyone have any experience with this kind of injury, and if so what did you have to do to recover from it?

  2. Sounds like maybe you've got a pinched nerve somewhere since the nervous system branches out from the spine. Try seeing a physiotherapist, they are better than chiropractors imo since they actually try to correct the underlying problem rather than just "bandage" it by shifting bones around.

  3. Thanks for the advice, I hadn't heard of physiotherapy, but I think I will find one.
  4. Talking

    sounds like muscle spasms in your upper back/trap area are putting pressure on the brachail plexus. try sretchiing you traps and doing some specific work on your lower traps/rhomboids. also deep tissue massage may help along with myofascial release .

  5. I've had where I'll start twitching, but I've never had any real pain or problems. Its actually kinda cool to see the muscles in your arms moving around all crazy.



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