Redneck sled for cheap!

  1. Redneck sled for cheap!

    $20.00 wheelbarrow
    $6.00 weight belt

    Your choice of the follwing

    utility hooks $5.00 With chain $5.00 (preferred)

    set of ratcheting tiedown straps with hooks on each end $10.00

    Auto tow rope with hooks on each end $12.00

    Construction is simple.

    Take the bed off of the wheel barrow and drill a hole in one end for a hook.
    Attach the other end to the weight belt load the sled and pull!

    The long sweep on the tub makes for smooth sled dragging with little resistance to the grass.

  2. there really is no replacement for bringing blossoming legs to fruition.
    here ya go, twice his bw.
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