No Biceps and No Carved Chest :( Please help!!

  1. Unhappy No Biceps and No Carved Chest :( Please help!!

    Hi, all,
    I am one of those unfortunate ones who, I think is not blessed with genetics for Big bi's
    or a carved chest.
    Add to that, so much info online and in the gyms about how people just concentrate on Bench Press
    and Biceps, that I ended up doing more of Deads and Squats..
    I feel I have very good Shoulders,Back,Legs and Tri's and am pathetically lousy Chest and Biceps, from the back my
    arms look good.
    Please help..
    Thanks in advance

  2. All you can do is specialize your weak points..Just train those hard n heavy,light,every which way but loose...refuse to give into poor genetics or no genetics,there aint no can't.Be stubborn and force them to grow...It's a mental thing

  3. Genetics, genetics. It sure is the buzzword around bodybuilding circles the past few years. We all must keep in mind that the gene(s) responsible for muscle size and potential muscle growth have not been identified, much less understood in their workings by geneticians. In other words, there is ABSOLUTELY *NO* purely scientific justification for calling this or that particularity "genetic". It is just becoming too easy to say "well, that isn't working for me, I have bad genetics". Yeah, right. There is simply no way to KNOW that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Forget about genetics, and try every single thing anyone might come up with as a possible way to grow your lagging bodyparts for at least 4 weeks straight. OK, it'll probably take more than a month or 2 to find what works BEST for YOU but you sure as heck will.

    Isn't that what matters? Plus, lucky you, you'll get the pleasure of doing lots of curls and bench press, possibly the most fun exercises!!

    BTW I am in the exact same situation. I stopped training my triceps because they are so much bigger than my biceps, it's ridiculous.

    I upped the frequency of my biceps training to twice that of the major muscle groups, and upped the volume to having a training session that is 80% biceps (with 20% abs). Same thing for pecs. You know what? It seems to be working - FOR ME. In a single week, my DB Curl has increased 5lbs and I had been at that same weight for months.

    Now go bench.

  4. Thanks Luna and Madman, will keep wat you guys said.. so Luna, you mean to say, I should work more on my chest and bi's?, you know? I hate to tell you this, but, if I do two work outs of chest, I HAVE to do my BACK.. I love DEADS!!!... and then I love to SQUAT.. and of course SHOULDERS.. and I end up working them.. damn...I am upset with this whole thing!! I will tell myself.. no shoulders.. no back.. only chest and Bi's!!..Also... one more question, should i increase the nomber of times I work out in a week? I mean now I do 4 times.. alternate days... should I go everyday, I would love to, but i am afirm believer of rest and rest helps me .. I mean.. I see growth, let me know, ok? thanks a lot.. and.. please do reply

  5. Mines pretty close to
    Mon. Bis
    Tues Chest tris
    Wed Back, sholders, traps, delts
    Thurs Legs
    Fri Bis
    Sat Chest tris
    Sun Usually off or cardio.
    Hit em hard and heavy using different grips ect. Keep changing it up.
    My first area say monday is real heavy then Fri mabe lighter. Dont forget about
    cables keep good stress on em at all times.

  6. My bis are probably one of my weakest points. So to compensate for it I make sure that I ALWAYS get in my two days of bicepts. I do it even if it means that I miss another body part. I have been doing MADMAN's workout for about a month and I'm already starting to see the change.

  7. Genetics do play a part, but not that great.

    For instance, I have high, skinny calves and tiny wrists for my size. And if you look at my mom and dad...BOTH have chicken skinny calves. But did that stop me? Nope.

    Recently I started doing a full calf routine on leg day first off and then I hit calves 3 times more in the week for a couple of "feeder" sets and let me tell you, I am seeing the best results I've seen in a long time in the old pipe cleaner calves of mine.

    Genetics schemetics, kick ass to your full ability.

  8. My split is :

    Shoulders & biceps
    Back & calves
    Chest & biceps
    Thighs & calves
    Biceps & abs

    on a 2on/1off/3on/1off pattern. I repeat the same split again with different workouts before reverting to the first 6 workouts.

    Notice one thing : no triceps. They are my most developed bodypart and get worked indirectly on shoulder day and on chest day. So I just skip that, and double my dose of biceps. I also pretty much ignore abs : 6 sets in total. Not because I don't want them, but because my priority is biceps and also chest, so on the day that I do train them, the workout is still 80% biceps. I know that my back and quads are fully rested when I train them, so I just rack the weights heavy and GO.

    Now, I'm not 100% sure that such volume on chest is optimal, but it sure is working on biceps. DO MAKE SURE YOU GET ENOUGH REST!! I do. I also take large amounts of antioxydants and they help hugely to avoid overtraining, as I am training 5 or even sometimes 7 times a week, but I ALWAYS take 2 days off. Yes, that means that I sometimes train twice a day on Saturday and Sunday. Also, I am on CKD. Also, I have no life.

  9. Luna...Your pic says volumes.... there are no real guys around where you live? to show you how to live life!
    Thanks for the tips..

  10. Hm, that's not my pic, dude. It's my AVATAR, in other words, what I adore. Her name is Timea Marojova or Majorova I'm not sure. But she sure as all heck is HOT. :P

  11. hey guys, new to the forums here. i'm a long time reader and first time poster. i found that the problem i used to have with biceps is that i used to pick up the heaviest weights i could curl and move them like there is no tomorrow. this didn't really get me anywhere. here is my new bicep workout that gives me the greatest pumps ever. i also noticed a difference in my biceps about two weeks after starting this.

    -standing wide grip cable curls - start with a very low weight, say 30 pounds do 10 reps and without resting move the pin down to 40, do 10 reps and move the pin down to 50, repeat and keep going. you're going to move the pin down a total of 5 times, so you will be ending on 80. when you get to 80 do the same process in reverse and end on 30. if this is too much weight use a half plate.

    -incline alternating dumbell curls - use light weight and perfect form. throwing heavy weights up in the air like a jackass just to show everybody how big your dick is never got anybody anywhere. 24,20,16

    -dumbell preacher curls - make sure you fully extend your arm, this may force you to use embarassing amounts of weight. 12, 10, 8

    -cable preacher curls - if you have a light preacher bench just carry it over to the crossover machine or what have you and do some close grip cable curls. i use these because they give me constant tension throughout the entire range of the curl. i also hate the curl machine at my gym. but, this is my favorite arm exercise because it gives me a crazy pump at the end of my workout. 12, 10, 8, drop, drop

    when you go in to do biceps it's best to leave your ego at the door. good form and moderately high reps are what works best for me. some people may grow more with lower reps and higher weight, you just have to experiment and find out what works best for you. cheat reps have their place also, make sure to use them only when absolutely necessary.

  12. I doubt any of us have maxed our genetic potential. I know we're all suppose to be stupid muscle heads and can't think but you'll find you have to learn a lot to get your body to grow. It's like you're a scientist and your lab is your body. Now with that said here's a few ideas:

    Try training your bi's once every 2 weeks. If that doesn't do anything for you go Luna's route and try training them twice a week (actually I've found twice a week to be best too, great minds think alike).

    If you train twice a week try varying your workout. Do one after back and do 4-6 heavy sets. Just pick two exercise that let you go heavy say 4-6 reps. Barbell curls, dumbell curls, scott curls and hammer curls all come to mind. Hammer curls might be a pretty good choice because they work the brachioradialis which can help add size to the arm and give the bicep a fuller look near the elbow. On the second day of training up your reps. Pick something for 8 reps, something for 10, and maybe a third for 10-12 reps. By doing this you'll hit just about every possible muscle fiber that can result in significant muscle grwoth.

    One more tip, and this works great on scott curls. Let your wrists hang back when you curl the weight up. If you feel you get more of a pump in your forearms then your biceps, this will take care of it. Don't worry if it means dropping a few pounds, it will come back along with your sleeve bursting arms.

    GOOD LUCK!!!
    Remember, don't give up, don't ever give up.

  13. My bi's were once a weak point for me, thats cuz i was too much of a ***** to pick up the weights and start curling them. I was good at bench and bad at curls so I just didnt do them. After about 4 yrs of this nonsense i started doing bis (using 25-30 lbs, when my wo partner was using 40-45s) and now my bis are way bigger than my tris. Time to get those tris back in shape, ive neglected them for too long.

  14. Boss_K did you use any particular method to accomplish that? Just heavy weights? How many sets? How many times a week?

  15. Hey Luna.. Thanks a lot dude, I was thinkign it was "YOU" in the pic!!.. lol.. well so much for making conversation with a hot woman...!!! I am shifting my loyalties to "PastorOfMuppets"!! are you for real??! those really are a very nice pair of.. umm!!!
    Thanks a lot for your advice/s one and all, I dont see as many posts on the chest, I need to develop my lower chest(if there is any), I do have mass but there is NO definitiona nd it sucks to see skinny mofo's with there sculpted chests..
    looking forward for some nice posts
    PS:Luna, you like my new AVATAR?.. its Lou.. wish I had that,,, no no not the woman, just the bod!


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