Training for a marathon?

  1. Training for a marathon?

    I have considered training to run the Boston Marathon, just so that I can say that I did it. I am not a runner, but I used to run a lot in high school. I would have to complete another authorized marathon in 3hr 10min to qualify.

    If I decided to do this, would it completely kill my chances of building muscle? Would I even be able to lift 4 days a week?

  2. Check out, running tips, ideas, and races that you can do while training......

    I have actually until now done both ( but i am sick so it dosent count now)........I am 5'11, 134, and holding, and benced yesterday as a matter of fact, 185 max rep for one...... ( toying with the idea of a raw powerlifting meet in Nov)

    So check it out, It can be done..

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