grip strength. HELP!

  1. grip strength. HELP!

    when it comes to pulling motion grip strength seems to be key. even on light little exercises like lateral dumbell raises my grip sucks. i try not to use straps to help strengthen it.

    today i was doing deadlifts. i threw the straps on for my "heavy" higher rep sets. they didnt even seem to do the trick. its beginning to get into my head and really upset me that i'm having trouble squeezing the bar or dumbells for rows on heavy movements. its embarassing to drop weights like the d-bags doing 50lb dumbs on a flat bench like theyre big or something. especially on something that makes the ground shake like a deadlift. i need a little help strengthening my grip. any suggestions? i do wrist curls along with my biceps but nothing seems to help. that i can think of. is this just a case where my main muscles are growing quicker than the support/stabilizer muscles?

  2. Kroc Rows, throw your straps away.
    Don't worry, man, someday I'ma be nobody too.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Swanson52 View Post
    Kroc Rows, throw your straps away.
    whats the difference between that and a db row? youtube doesnt seem to have an explaination as to what the difference is.

  4. Rows with the absolute heaviest weight you can handle, body English is encouraged.

    Straight freakin grinders, puke and blood are a plus!
    Don't worry, man, someday I'ma be nobody too.

  5. Also, chalk. Reiterating throwing the straps in dumpster.
    Don't worry, man, someday I'ma be nobody too.

  6. Ever try an opposing grip on deads? I love it. If I am doing multiple heavy sets, I alternate it. Also, as noted earlier, chalk is also helpful. If you have some time and a little bit of cash, grab a 6-8 inch chunk of broom stick or thick doll, enough rope to tie to it that you can hold the stick straight out in front of you and the rope almost touches the floor. Tie a 5lb weigh on the other end. Hold the stick parallel to your chest with your arms extended straight out and alternate "rolling" your wrists till the weight comes up to the stick then back it back down. When you can stand to do 5 sets with out stopping due to forearm cramps, throw an 2.5 pound plate on along with the 5'er.


    Haven't ordered any yet but there coming as soon as I can come up with the extra cash.

  8. All the above throw in some heavy azz farmer walks 8-). Your forearms will burn
    It is not the kind of car you drive. It is whether you can flip it.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Swanson52
    Also, chalk. Reiterating throwing the straps in dumpster.
    Straps have their uses. One shouldn't rely on them for lighter warmup sets, but they can be invaluable on certain exercises (RDLs, explosive shrugs, etc).

    As for OP, weighted holds (farmer walk, etc) and movements that require holding a heavy bar (rows, deadlifts, RDLs, etc) are your best friends. Scrap the forearm curls in favor of the greater loads on other movements. Use a little chalk, and if things get particularly heavy, don't be afraid to strap up now and again.

  10. All these are great!

    Also remember that you can focus on grip with other workouts too, not just necessarily DLs, RDLs, etc...if your gym has fat bars, utilize those with inverted rows, bench press, light to medium DLs/RDLs, shrugs, etc..if your gym doesnt, i think you can buy fat gripz for like 10-15$

    Also, you can utilize fat gripz for pull up variations as long as using a thick rope for pull ups, they are killer for grip!

    Also, i use the "hex" shape non rubber DBs and do DB pinches..just hold the "bell" of the dumbbell in the palm of your hand facing down and squeeze your fingers against a 20-30lb DB and have fun

  11. if your gym has fat battle ropes or a truck tire first time i did tire flips i couldnt even hold a hammer the next day. and to repeat what swanson 52 said lose the straps and try chalk

  12. thanks for the suggestions guys. alot of good ideas here and i'm going to go ahead and try a few out. i like the idea of the fat grips, and i did notice some dumbs with ridiculously large grips on them that i've started using already.


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