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    Question first PL meet

    anyone here PL?
    tell me about your experiences of your first meet.
    I have no equip as of yet, and being the meet is one month away, all i think would help me would be squat briefs since i have not trained with a shirt or erector, squat suits.

    also i dropped weight on my chest a few weeks ago, and my bench will be down about 60 -70 lbs.

    I still want to do it though, just to see where i am out and get rid of this newbie gitter.

    Heck those apf guys compete with torn pecks, pulled hammies,
    I am not in that bad of shape!

    let me know what it was like please, your first time, anybody?

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    well this was going back yrs ago ( 5 or so) and actually getting ready for a show in November, but only to bench, I want to take the record in my weight class......if i compete that remains to be seen........

    I was lucky enough to PL as a part of a team, so I got all the hints/ideas from the others.......I did have to learn what worked best for me.......

    I belive you still need a singlet ( spelling), and I found that the night before I would carb up, on of all things....Pancakes...( YUMMY) than the day of the meet I would bring grapejuice and drink that, must have worked I held the state record in deadlifting.......Ohhh and music, bring something good ( heavy metal ) to listen to between sets, and try not to watch your competitors...makes you more nervous i think........

    Just my advice........How far away is your show?

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