1. westside?

    Is this true I could you could use it for bodybuilding purposes?

  2. hmm, a very modified, modified, modified version.
    You could add specific parts of it to you bb type routine to bring a specific movement up.
    Or use alot of the supplemental core, or stabilizer moves to bring your weaker parts up so they wouldn't be so prone to injury, or more asthetically apealing even.

    but as far as hypertrophy specific, imo I don't think it is your best route to take.

    Case/point: box squats do make my legs grow, but there are alot more options that give me better/quicker results or overall growth, Hi rep hip sled work or 20 reppers.

    I still say the sled gives me the best overall results on legs and they use alot of sled work.
    I hope that helps.

  3. both iron addict and t-mag provided modified westside routines for bodybuilders and non-powerlifter athletes. seemed solid i'll try to find them.

  4. the concepts behind Westside, have SOME utility for bber's, but it is (in general) a sub-optimal way to lift for those interested in aesthetics over strength

  5. A lot of bodybuilders don't periodize their routines to ensure continued progress. Using the idea of conjugate periodization for the bodybuilder could work quite well methinks.

    In a similar vein, check out the undulating periodization routines at t-mag. I think waterbury is the author. Quite similar to westside in a number of respects.


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