acromegaly and muscle growth (random topic)

  1. Question acromegaly and muscle growth (random topic)

    ok so how come most of these guys (giants like robert wadlow) become extremely weak and aren't able to walk yet some (like primo carnera) have the ability to become extremely muscular. shouldn't people with this condition all be like the latter as the increase in HGH leads to an increase in igf-1?

    i have this guy in one of my classes who is an acromegalic, very strong for not even knowing how to work out properly (does whole body every day), and i find that insane.

  2. Firstly, that's a very weak comparison. Primo was 6'6, a height, while well beyond average, is not monstrously and physiologically unsupportable. Plenty of athletes exist that stand at 6'6, and taller, without a pituitary tumor. I don't have to mention that they do just fine physically in maintaining great muscularity and strength. At 8'11" Robert's heart was too large for it to pump itself, and I'm sure other organs had similar problems where the smooth muscle wasn't strong to support normal functions in the organs. This alone can account for the weakness of very large individuals. Lastly, Primo probably grew up training whereas Robert likely didn't, so he was able to come into his size better than Robert, at least from an athletic p.o.v. This last point is speculation on my part as I don't know their childhood histories.

  3. i just find it very interesting at how controversial it is, and yeah, i shouldn't have used robert as an example, but what i meant is that most of these individuals end up being weak, the old wrestler maurice tillet for example was only 5'7" (he developed his pituitary tumor at a late age), and he ended up being weak despite his height. i've also read people with acro tend to become hypogonadal.

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