workout schedule.....

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    workout schedule.....

    For the last 6 er 7 weeks ive ben workin out monday thru Saturday;


    And then repeat Thursday thru saturday. To change up the muscle memory a lil bit i went to reading bout some new exercises an came across an article by the all so famous Lou... "an mass gaining program should be no more than 4 days a week". Which would explain me makin no gaines in the last 6 weeks.....
    So i switched it to;

    Monday: back/bi
    Tuesday: chest/tri
    Wed: off
    Thursday: legs
    Friday: shoulders

    Also includin abs on Tuesday/ Friday

    Im 5'11 165lbs. Its difficult to gain any weight an figured this may be a solution.... any suggestions? Should i work a muscle group twice a week with it already bein difficult to gain mass? takin in 277 grams if protien, 292g carbs, 97g fat...... chicken breast, fruit, pasta, and shakes like ther goin outta style.

  2. i dont give very popular advice on nutrition. but i would say not to worry about food except to eat a lot more. especially fat. try and at least triple what you are eating now with fat.

    as for a program, get on a proven program to add on size. dont try and make up your own till you the years of experience to make a balanced program with progression built in.

    you could try: 5/3/1 with big but boring, stronglifts, bill star 5x5, or something else along those lines. im sure others will come around with more details.
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.

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