Help me! My squat is disgracefull

  1. Help me! My squat is disgracefull

    My squat sucks ASS. I can squat a max of maybe 225-35 and rep 185 about 6-7 times. I am 5'11 and 194, and I can deadlift 295x4 and sldl 225x6. I havent max benched in a while, but I am reping 85lb db's for about 8-10 reps. Why does my squat suck so badly? I can leg press 360x6. I am using the max ot routine from for the first time, but my squat was even horrible when I was on cycle.

  2. What's your form like? How are you setting up (narrow, wide, sumo)?

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  3. shoulder width

  4. -stance should be wider than shoulder width with feet pointed out slightly
    -push outwards when squating
    -do lots of good mornings and lower back movements
    -do lots of ab work
    -do lots of hamstring work
    Also do you always do regular squats? If so you might want to try some variatoins to hit the muscles diffrent. My favorite is front squats. Also where do you fail at when squating? top, middle bottom?

  5. Practice... Parctice... Practice... Squat is all technique, just use low weight at first until you can get it down.

  6. I fail at the bottom always

  7. Get that bar off your neck!
    on your back, it helps alot
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by Grant
    I fail at the bottom always
    It sounds like you might need stronger hamstrings to get out of the bottom position. Also like deodus said, put the bar lower on you back and not the neck when trying to move the most weight. I'm not saying to not use high bar squats at all because I think variation is very important but if your trying to move the most weight the lower and farther back you can hold the bar the better the leverage will be.

  9. bar position is key for heavy weight.
    i moved the bar and in one workout i doubled a new pr' that was 20 lbs more than b4.

    a jerky 385 then owned a 405 double A2G with a lower bar postion, that was 100lbs ago havent looked back.

    also you might think about reverse hypers, box squats, sled pulling..

    the thing about big squatters is that all of their stabilizers and main movement muscles are very balanced ( all at the same level )
    so as most know and have said just bring up our weakest link in chain.

  10. Here are a few tips I got out of personal experience :

    1. Keep your hands close to your shoulders and elbows pointing DOWN. This will help keep your back in the proper position.

    2. Squat ALL THE WAY DOWN. Yes. Now at first you will use even LESS weight than you are using now, but your form will improve vastly AND moreover, you will get good strength increase at your sticking point - Which is at parallel, if I interpret your posts correctly...

    Don't give up!

  11. no offense, but the close grip thing doesnt work for me.
    it thrashes my elbows(bicepital tendonitis).

    Most big squatters use the low back wide grip form. shows big squatters and popular form. You gotta check out the Gary Frank 931 DL by the way.

    i use the wide grip and create a shelf where the bar sits on my lower trap/rear delt. The Close grip thing may work for some and may be your eventual choice.

    here is an example of the wide grip:
    Attached Images Attached Images  

  12. Box squats will help? I dont know about gaining too much strength right now as I am cutting, but I will try.

  13. Box squats will definitely help, I used them when powerlifting and my squat improved dramatically.

  14. With the recent threads on squatting, I figured I would create a check list of things to do to squat like a powerlifter, or things to do to squat big. I will accompany this checklist with two videos that should demonstrate the checklist in practice. I would also like to stress that the only way to make sure your squatting like a powerlifter correctly is to tape and critique yourself. There is a GREAT opportunity for injury by squatting incorrectly, and this is often not avoided because someone thought they were, in fact, squatting correctly. Tape yourself, watch yourself, make adjustments as necessary.

    1. Grab the bar low on your shoulders. Pull down on the bar as if you were trying to bend the bar over your shoulders.
    2. Pull your shoulders blades tight together and draw your elbows forward.
    3. Breathe air into your belly. With your abs, push all this air out. If you wear a belt, make it a notch loose and push against it.
    4. Arch the bar out of the rack and push with your legs to clear the pins. The bar should not travel forward and touch the rack as you unrack it.
    5. Push out on your knees as you prepare. You'll know you're doing this right if you feel increased tightness in your hips. (see setup image below, this is how you should look when you're preparing to descend)
    6. Push out on the sides of your feet, not down. Act as if you're going to spread the floor.
    7. Drive your head through the bar. Don't look up or down. Imagine laying on the floor, on your back, and driving your head into the floor.
    8. Start the squat with your hips going backwards. Imagine sitting back on a toilet. If you start with your knees, your bath will corrupt and you'll miss the big lift. Hips back is your first motion. You'll know you're doing this right because your hamstrings will tighten up like never before.
    9. Keep siting back until you're at parallel. Parallel is defined as the crease of your hip being in line with the top of your knee. Sit back, not down! (see box image below to see what you should look like. the box is optional.)
    10. Drive your head and upper back into the bar as I described above.
    11. Push out on your knees and feet and draw your hips forward. Stay tight! Keep driving your head and upper back through the bar and driving your hips forward.

    Here are two videos for you to reference back to. Keep particular notice to how the knees stay in place, and the hips are the moving force.


    Courtesy SaturdayFever

  15. I agree with 99% of what you said premeir.
    but, i am a little unsure of how functional the "draw your elbows forward" part is.

    when i draw my elbows forward the bar tends to want to slide down my back, and it is very neccasary(splng) to try to prevent that when you have 500+ lbs on your back.

    it takes the shelf where the bar sits out of the picture.
    look at a guy who has over a 1000 on his back to show you how its done.
    I am saying the man in the pic would not use that exact form when using 5 x 's the weight shown.[email protected]

    and he owns 1100, his elbows are back, if his elbows were forward, and he held on,
    it would slide down his back causing horrific injury.
    Just MO

  16. There is a section in the new MuscleDevelopment on how to squat with good form. It helped me a little bit (I have never had great form when squating)


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