possible shoulder injury

  1. possible shoulder injury

    If I have a torn labrum how would I know it? I can easily workout on it with no discomfort until I'm done it feels a little aggravated in the front. But here's the thing my MRI said I had a labrum tear but I passed my stress test on my labrum.... is it possible my front delt is a little stronger then my rear delt? Any thoughts please?

  2. I don't know much about your labrum problem, but as far as it being possible for your front delt to be stronger than your rear, that is very possible. I've read that something like 80% of bodybuilders have an imbalance towards their front delt, and from that you can assume that the front delt is stronger. Good luck rehabbing.

  3. If you plan to continue having a life of lifting, I would recommend the repair. The tear will never heal itself, it will only get worse.

    Your biceps tendon also attaches to the front of your labrum, so if that is where your tear is, you may end up with bicep tendonitis and/or other problems.

    Bottom line, if you want to remain active and strength train, fixing it is really the only solution. You will have to do something at some point. If you don't plan to lift anymore, then some physical therapy can help you stay away from surgery.

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