1. cool!

    i went to this site because some PL junkie friends of mine, form this hardcore gym i joined, rant about this site so i went.

    i was going to go with them to the meet just held in KC, where my buddy would have beat out kyle gulledge if his DL was better like 200 lbs better.
    and for you who dont know who Gulledge is hes this freak 20 yr old that pulled 830 in that meet at 268. man! there are pics and meet results too.

    I also found some cool supplement strength toys and excellent simple exercises,, thought i would share.****57****59****48****58
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  2. Hey Kelsey, whats up, I was going to go to that same meet, but had to study for a test. Kyle's older brother David Gulledge lifts at the same gym as me and he teaches for one of my classes at the college. He is a freak also, he has put up some big numbers, 710lb+ bench and 930lb squat I believe, its crazy. I am so glad that I was able to meet him, he has really helped alot with my workout program and getting my strength levels up. He's a good guy.

  3. Damn, my roomate forgot to sign out, that was me that typed the last post.

  4. ya, you can see both kyle and dave lifting some big weights here. lots of other impressive lifts. check it out.

    calm down nate-dawg

  5. i am a reg. at irongame did yo usee that frank 930DL
    oh man. yeah the mono lift they used at the meet from my gym. I had no idea there were no MONO's up there in KC
    that they could get there hands on.

    I really wish i could have gone. i am going for sure to the one there having here in tulsa nov, 4,5,or 6 i cant remember right off hand. you oughta show. I am not competing.



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