? on Elevated-Feet Push Ups

  1. ? on Elevated-Feet Push Ups

    When you elevate your feet on a bench and do push ups, are you emphasizing your upper pecs or your lower pecs?

  2. upper.

  3. agree upper...

  4. Feels like much more Triceps and Delts than Chest, agree upper.

  5. I thought it was upper! But Muscular Development, November edition has a whole article on it and mentions that it emphasizes lower pecs.

    Do you guys think there's a debate on this issue or was it just plain wrong when it was printed up?

  6. well think about it. the form for feet elevated push ups, when rotated 180 degrees, resembles an incline bench press right? Unless the incline bench works lower pecs more I would say that magazine is full of $hit!


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