INJURY LOG: SLAP repair, prehab / surgery / rehabilitation training log

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Gutterpump View Post
    Sorry for the lack of updates, for some reason life got extra busy the past few weeks even though I've been trying to minimize everything so that I can rest more.

    New girl (as posted earlier), she's actually someone I was dating last summer...we're trying it again slowly. We've worked through a couple things that had prevented us from taking things further back then. I'm never a fan of trying with an ex again, but seems worth it to try this time, but definitely taking it somewhat slow.

    Been taking on new freelance design work on top of my regular job, and then all of a sudden I got slammed at work with 2 rush projects (I do video production / graphic and web design). Two big videos due this week, kinda crazy.. with a freelance project launching in a week and another starting. Talk about hectic.

    So here's the physical therapy update, and supplement update I promised.

    Therapy is going OK, doing passive ROM still. I stopped trying to get my arm behind my back for now. It brought a lot of pain when I was trying. I also pushed too far in a session last week. I was asked to do 10 reps of 3 different stretches. I must've done about 30-40 each, because it felt fine. I'm not sure if it was going overboard with reps, or the attempts at getting my arm back and even slightly bent upwards on my back, but I had pain since then till my last appointment (yesterday). I've decided to not try to get ahead of myself in the slightest anymore, I don't want to set my recovery back. I've read far too many stories recently from people in the same situation, and pushing a little too far in therapy setting them back 3-4 days to even a week.

    Here's a new template I want to stick to. My Dr's PT prescription is far too minimal with his suggestions, so I am printing this and giving this to my therapist:

    Training Update:

    My physical therapist also told me it's fine for me to return to the gym to work legs and core. I am re-enabling my membership to my powerlifting specific gym where I train, and I will be starting to squat with the safety bar, lots of GHR work, split squats, and core work (maybe just GHR sit-ups for now). Feeling great that I have the go-ahead for this.

    Ok so, time to go over my plethora of supplements.

    Here's the current list:

    Primordial Performance AndroHard
    - DHT pro hormone which I not only need to boost my TRT (test doesn't convert to enough DHT for me), but DHT also seems to aid in cartilage repair, from studies I've read. Not as much as other hormones, but I'm trying to keep costs down atm and don't want to do anything like var or EQ right now...even though they raise collagen production by over 250-300%. My main reason is that I can't really train, so I feel they will be wasted in their overall effects. There are other things that will aid in recovery. I'm on TRT, so taking exogenous hormones is not an issue for me.

    Primordial Performance AndroDrive
    - just started this, trying to keep motivation and drive high

    Primordial Performance Arginocarn
    - mental benefits, plus more ( discontinued now though )

    Strong, Faster, Healthier (SFH) brand Fish Oil
    - by far one of the best and most potent liquids out there, plus it's chocolate flavored and sugar free
    - lowers inflammation

    Primaforce Elastamin
    - Glucosamine, condroiten, MSM, yucca, etc

    - works synergistically with Elastamin (or glucosamine sups), via transulfuration of glucosamine. I am taking 1600mg daily of active form. It's a very high dose and thus very expensive, but worth it

    Primaforce Cissus
    - the good stuff, 40% ketosterones, great for joints

    Now's D-Flame
    - natural COX-2 and 5-LOX inhibitors
    - lowers inflammation

    Active-C 1000 W/Bioflavonoids
    - 1gram vitamin C tab, with peperine, minerals and bioflavinoids for prolonged activity
    - 4 per day, spaced out

    Millennium Sports Technologies (MST) RPG
    - aids in recovery and strength
    - tastes amazing, gets me to drink far more water lol

    Millennium Sports Technologies (MST) Somnidren GH (powder)
    - increase night time GH pulse, and get better sleep
    - provides necessary elements to support GH production, hoping it will potentiate the GHRP's below

    - I am starting CJC1295 w/dac as well as GHRP-6/Ipamorelin
    - starting a run soon with TB-500

    Of course I'm also using protein powders, mixed blends. Got some casein recently too which I'm going to start to use. I am also starting a low carb diet very soon (Paleo) to reduce inflammation and speed healing. I've gained 5 pounds of fat in the past month, so a low carb diet will help with this.
    Great write up man! I'm following along! Joint Fixx is another good supplement you can find pretty cheap right now that also lowers inflammation.

  2. Cheers bro, thanks! I am really looking forward to log TB-500. Will be starting soon.

    Here is a good piece on TB-500:

    From what I've read, the first four weeks after surgery is when the cartilage and tissues are healing, after that, about 6 weeks for the cartilage to strengthen. I'm a little late to start some of these things as I'm mid-way through the 3rd week, but there will be definite advantages to using it through the recovery period.

  3. Interested in your experience with peptides in particular! Keep me posted!

  4. 3.5 Weeks post-op

    Just saw my surgeon for my 2nd post-op appointment. Range of motion is great, he had my arm almost directly overhead with no pain. Was really impressed. I can't get my arm behind my back yet though. He said it's ok to be doing this, so I will catchup by doing my PT homework twice a day.

    I decided to keep the prescribed cold compress machine for another 3 weeks. It seems to have done a world of good for me, since I was using it as much as possible in the early weeks. I'm told it's the main deciding factor on how fast recovery will be; how much you ice it in the first few weeks. I will keep up the icing after therapy (my ROM and isometric exercises) everyday. I am only seeing my physical therapist twice per week though, but also working from home daily. Twice per day is the optimal amount for PT work.

    My TB-500 came in today and I'm really looking forward to starting it. 5mg once per week for 4 weeks then 2mg thereafter as maintenance. That's the plan. I will report back after my first shot.

    I unfroze the account to my gym membership yesterday, and will be starting to workout again tomorrow. Squats, glute ham raises, and split squats. Ab work, and also possibly sled pull depending how I feel. Dr said I can start strength training the shoulder/arm with bands in a few weeks. I am currently starting isometric exercises, and working on active range of motion for PT.

  5. I was given a huge ice pack thing for my shoulder, but wasn't led to believe it was a big deal if I used it or not. I used it once and never again because it was a pain and didn't stay on well. My shoulder is feeling good though and I've been leaving it out of the sling when I'm at home and even a few times when I went out and about. It officially comes off Thursday and then I will be setting up my PT. Glad to hear everything is going well for your recovery man.

  6. Thanks, yeah it's going great. Sounds like you have a cryo-cuff. It is the best thing you can do right now, as it lowers inflammation so that less tissue damage occurs, and healing / recovery will be MUCH faster. I would definitely keep using it as much as possible. Find a way to keep it on, even velcro straps. The one I have wraps around my whole torso, so it doesn't move much at all.

    From all the reading I've done, it is really necessary in the few weeks post-op, for lowering inflammation. Even if you aren't feeling pain or feeling like you need it, I would force myself to use it. I tried to use mine for ~8-10 hours per day. The good thing with mine is that the temp keeps constant, whereas the cryocuffs that use ice or that freeze, they continuously raise in temp till it's room temperature, so you're not getting the same effect as the machine. Maybe your Dr can prescribe the machine? It was fully covered for me, and someone came to set it up at my house (apartment).

    How long has it been post-op for you now, how many weeks?

    I also rarely use my sling anymore, just for protection when I'm in busy areas (subway, etc).

  7. I'm 2 days away from being 4wks post op. It seems a little late to start using the ice now to me, but what do I know. I just find sitting around with that stuff strapped to me so inconvenient and annoying. Maybe I'll ask him Thur morning if the ice is a big deal and if he thinks the ice machine is ideal. I would think if he used them much he would have just gotten me one from the beginning though. Who knows...

  8. Yeah that's true, it's mainly useful in the beginning. It was super annoying having to use it, but I just played a lot of video games and watched a lot of TV. I managed to get through 2 seasons of Walking Dead, and the first season of Dexter, not to mention all 8 seasons of Trailer Park Boys (the finest Canadian export). I just sat there most of the first two weeks, glued to my couch with the cold compress machine. I wasn't taking any painkillers, so that made me want to use it more.

  9. Hell I was back to work after 3 days so I wasn't really at home to use the ice much anyways. I wish I could have just played games and watched tv lol.

  10. I was back to work after a few days as well. I mainly iced in the evenings, but I also iced at work with a cryocuff I bought. I am lucky that I also work from home 2-3 days per week too, so I likely did more than 8 hours per day total come to think of it. Working from home is new at my job the past year. Since my team has moved offices, they gave us laptops since there isn't enough physical office space, so we are cubical sharing. Can't complain about that!

  11. That's cool man. Well the work from home part, but not the cubicle sharing lol. I saw these 2 guys sharing 1 little bitty cubicle the other day at work and it was hilarious. It was just temporary, but it looked funny as hell. I mean they were side by side.

  12. I enjoyed Walking Dead! Definitely helps the time pass! Gotta get that arm back for the zombie apocalypse! Don't forget Cardio Cardio Cardio! I love Zombieland too! Haha

  13. Quote Originally Posted by houstontexas View Post
    That's cool man. Well the work from home part, but not the cubicle sharing lol. I saw these 2 guys sharing 1 little bitty cubicle the other day at work and it was hilarious. It was just temporary, but it looked funny as hell. I mean they were side by side.
    Yeah it's like that somedays when we have team meetings, when my cube mate and I are both in the office, but generally we have alternating days haha..I couldn't work with 2 people in one cube. We have a couple spares so if someone is in on an at home day, there's usually somewhere to sit so we don't have to buddy up. My team is almost all female though (marketing team) so buddying up is usually fine with me haha.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Axillist View Post
    I enjoyed Walking Dead! Definitely helps the time pass! Gotta get that arm back for the zombie apocalypse! Don't forget Cardio Cardio Cardio! I love Zombieland too! Haha
    I can't wait for the next season.. I blew through those episodes too quick! Wondering what's waiting for them at the fort. Still have a lot of episodes of Dexter though, pretty good show too. Nice n twisted.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Gutterpump View Post
    I can't wait for the next season.. I blew through those episodes too quick! Wondering what's waiting for them at the fort. Still have a lot of episodes of Dexter though, pretty good show too. Nice n twisted.
    I haven't watched Dexter yet but I have heard nothing but good things about it. I might check out Season 1 so I know what's going on.

  16. Definitely, you'll like it. It's a pretty interesting show and nicely twisted.

    I took my first dose of TB-500 this morning. I read that high doses can cause flu-like feelings at first, so I only used half my 5MG vial this morning. Felt fine after. Going to dose the rest tomorrow or the next day. Plan is to use 5MG weekly for 4-6 weeks, then 2mg monthly after this for maintenance.

    Today is my first day that I didn't wear my sling, but I took a car to work. I'll keep the sling for busy areas and subway only now.

  17. So I took the remainder of the 5MG of TB-500 last night, so ended up taking the total 5MG in one day. Nothing bad to report back, and I didn't heal overnight either lol. I still have fairly constant pain deep in the shoulder (likely from the anchor) or it could be my lateral delt, which is by far way overworked at the moment. Hopefully the TB-500 has a fairly quick effect on this, but I will start daily massage to the area as well. I also have an area on my bicep, just below the lateral delt, that has a hard ball in the muscle. That part doesn't hurt, but I'm trying to massage it out daily as well. Feels like a golf ball in there.

  18. 4 Weeks Post-op - Friday April 26

    My sling is now officially off and Friday was my first day back in the gym. It's a powerlifting specific gym and it's all familiar faces in there, so I spent some time catching up with people I haven't seen in a while before getting into my first workout in over 2 months.

    4-5 sets of 8-10 bulgarian split squats, going deep and holding at bottom, keeping shin straight/vertical

    I was just grabbing a 20 pound weight in my right hand. Surprised myself at my balance, usually I hate these but balance felt fine and I was able to get in most of my reps. I may have done more than 5 sets, can't remember since I was taking my time and chatting a lot. Didn't want to have an intense workout since it was my first day back.

    4 set of 8-10 GHR's (Glute Ham Raises)

    Just did bodyweight. Getting into position was awkward with one arm, but I did it.

    Glutes n Hams are hurting today! Split squats always nail the glutes for me and so do GHR's. Next workout I will be getting out the safety bar and squatting. Goal is to squat, do GHR's and split squats twice a week, and heavy, eventually. Going to build up some big legs at least if I can't work upper body.

    ROM is getting better daily. I can lift my arm directly overhead now and internal rotation is getting better now. Using the arm for day to day things. I had to take my dog to the emergency clinic for surgery on Saturday, for a blockage in his intestine. He's an american bulldog and chews threw anything. Really sucks, I can't give him any toys now. Hopefully will have him back tomorrow! But wow that was a test for my arm. I had to lift him in and out of the SUV on the way there, using both arms. It hurt a bit after but I iced it and today it feels fine.

  19. Good updates man. Glad to hear everything is going well. I had my first PT appt Friday and went and worked out legs afterwards as well. It was my first time being back in the gym too and boy did it feel good. Just being in the environment etc was cool to me. PT went well, but it's just PROM for the next 4 weeks. After that we begin strengthening etc. My PT made a comment that my doctor was going a little slower than normal as far as treatment goes, but she said it's up to him and how he thinks PT applies to my situation etc. I'm confident in him and the PT center as well so I'm sure it will all work out fine. Shoulder is feeling better everyday. Keep those updates coming bro b/c it is very beneficial to me reading about someone else going through this and we both had surgery at pretty much the same time. Be careful with that dog too lol. Hope he comes out of there better than ever.

  20. Thanks man, I'll be picking him up this afternoon, he's doing well

  21. What was your best lifts, in the big 3 prior to the injury?

  22. My 1RM's:

    Standing overhead strict BB Press: about 190
    Deadlift: 475 (hip mobility is bad, not firing up hams during standard deadlift at all)
    Squat: pretty ****ty around 300, hip mobility needs a LOT of work, not firing up the hams when I squat, something to focus on now
    Bench: ~ 250

    Since making the switch to more of a powerlifting program and gym last summer, I've noticed some pretty serious issues with my form and mobility. Mainly hip flexors that are cranked ultra tight, not allowing me to fire up my hams very much at all during the squat and deadlift. I have really bad hyper-lordosis. It's all quads, glutes and back for me when I do squats and deads, so I've been focusing on GHR's, posterior chain work and intense mobility work since January, but had to stop the mobility stuff after the injury.

  23. Not bad!

    Tight hips is an issue I have as well(MANY people have it).

    I started training full time with a friend who is a PL as well, and am thinking of doing a meet maybe in the fall. I would like to come out east and do an APA meet and attempt to take the 198lb strict over head press record(pending it doesn't get smashed before

  24. Not bad lifts though Gutterpump! Not at all considering what you have been through!

  25. 198lb is the current APA record for strict press? My coach is doing 225 for reps, but he's a freggin beast 260lbs @ about 5'8 or so. I'm not actually sure when/where he competes though, he's fairly new to our gym and I've been out for a while.

    The last I tested my 1RM for strict press was last summer, and I got 181lbs, that's how I'm assuming my 1RM was about 190 in January, but I may be off a bit on that.


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