my legs are worthless

  1. my legs are worthless

    I can't train my legs do to the nerve injuries . So my question is if I'll only train my upperbody( which dont hurt my nerves), what will happen? How will I'll be looking in 5 years? The total package? No i'm not handicap , my activities are slow just cutting grass twice a week and on sundays work at my dads shop. I'm 25 230 6'5 25% bodyfat. I'm the guy who is going for 280 lbs. At least thats my goal.

  2. In 5 years you will look like an athlete!
    A wheelchair athlete.

  3. can you run without problems? If so, give sprinting a try. Sprinters' legs are always built very well.

  4. that much weight on legs with nerve injuries can't be good. I would opt for a more lean/cut muscular build to not throw off the look too much.

  5. can you do light weight for reps?
    is rehab, or chiropractic specialist out of the question?
    is it a permannent injury? if so opt for a sec. opinion maybe?

  6. well i havent gone to the doctor yet , they take way too much money, plus I hope this is not too serious injury. In a month or two i'll start with light weights for my legs. I do my running daily in the house in one place standing if you know what i mean, so I think that i'll be allright. As for 25% bodyfat I'll deal with that when I'll get to 280 lbs. All you got to do is eat clean.

  7. you haven't even been to the doctor yet? You had us thinking you were Christopher Reeves here.


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