Tens unit and EMS feedback please

  1. Question Tens unit and EMS feedback please

    Hey guys,

    If anyone is using the Tens unit, EMS unit(or both) for any back pain, injuries or just trying to strengthen weaker areas, please let me know how thats working out for you.

    I recently just bought an LGmedsupply Elite dual Tens Unit & EMS, in hopes it can help strengthen and relieve lower back pain. I have a bulging disk in my L5,s1, it hits my sciatic nerve at times, I injuried it about 15 months ago, I've done a lot of hehabing, still trying to strengthen it, just doesn't seem like it's working too good. Hopefully this plus light lower back training can get me back to heavy squats, deadlifts and grappling again.

    I'm not really sure how many hz I should keep this at and how long I should keep it on for, I've done a lot of google search on it and there isn't much info out, one site said 2-10hz to help with pain and 20-50hz to help strengthen the muscle. I'm going to keep searching for more info, but would love to hear some feedback from the people that have experience with this.

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  2. not going to be much help with the TENS/EMS units but i have had surgery on a blown disk in L5S1 and by far the best i have found to eleviat any lower back pain was doing lots of abs and inner core work. I have had chronic back pain since my surgery in '05, and it has finally started to be almost completely gone (except for am) now that I do more ab and core work.

    on the TENS/EMS units, my mom uses one, i have no idea which one she uses. but she does use it for the pain. Ive notice she has been using it for dang near 10 years and i have not seen any noticable improvement. hopefully you are able to benefit from it!

  3. Thanks for the feedback!

    wow really even after surgery your back has taken this long to heal? Thats what makes me nervous to get surgery, but almost feel like it's my only option now. I just started working on more core work in the last couple months, I will start adding some more in tho, thanks for the heads up.

    I've been reading into cortisone infections for the lower back, do you have any experience with this? so far from what I've read it seems to work good, as long as it's a doctor that knows what he is doing. I got one done on my shoulder 2 years ago, it seemed to help heal it fast and has been feeling perfect ever since.
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  4. What did you end up doing?

    Never did cortisone shots, when it happened it was too bad for it to do anything. Should try it for the 4 others that are bulged, but don't have any pain anymore so no reason to get it done.

    Also talked to my mom more and she uses her tens devise to stop muscle spasm that she gets ones in a while and she loves it. To me it's like that ab belt that sends a current to contract your muscles, might work but might not.

  5. First couple times I tried it made the back a little tendor, used it on low too, last week I tried it 2 times at a little higher and it honestly felt like it made my back worse, so im just gonna stick to light therapy for now while I wait to see the surgeon, I see him on the tenth, def want a cortisone shot for my right knee, ill see what he says about back surgery....

    I've had one hell of a year with injuries, I may have a fractured wrist from boxing last thursday, going to get xrays for that tomorrow, i feel so busted up lol.
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