BB Curls to the Face

  1. BB Curls to the Face

    I've been seeing videos of pros from back in the day curling and bringing the bar up to their face. It's a pretty large range of motion, and I haven't tried it yet in the gym, but I was wondering if there would be a benefit. I feel like lifting your elbows up so that the bar can reach your head would recruit the shoulders to a degree which would not be desirable.

    Is this so?

  2. I would imagine its bc the biceps are also a weak shoulder flexor when the wrists are supinated as when doing bb curls so that motion would work both actions. I have no idea in reality but this would make sense I suppose

  3. Ive seen guys at my gym doing this too... I have yet to try it but am curious if there is more benefit doing it that way

  4. I think strict curls while keeping your shoulders by your side are more beneficial. Also drag curls work wonders.

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