chest shape vs thickness

  1. chest shape vs thickness

    I have a weird problem, My chest seems to be getting thicker (when viewed from sides) but not wider . I know muscle shape is mostly genetics, but is there any way/exercise to *shape* it better. Should I stop doing heavy pressing and just stick with flyies?

    Another thing, whats the best way to get the lower/outer chest line.. the one you can see when u wear a muscle shirt.
    Somone suggested decline presses,, should I go heavy on them or lighter weights/higher reps to shape/define it (if thats possible)


  2. Your chest should fill out in time, i would definatly not stop pressing,
    Try to do some dips they seem to hit my entire chest so maybe
    that would help. Also the definition in the chest come from low
    body fat and nothing else. Hope that helps some.

  3. Weighted dips leaning forward is the best overall lower pec excercise.

    The width problem may be just genetics or it may be your posture working against shoulders sloping forwards.

  4. The best way to increase lower chest definition is to decrease bodyfat. You can have the largest pecs in the world but if they're covered up you still won't see them.

    So I guess what i'm saying is keeping pressing, dipping, and get your diet/cardio in check.

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