Ideal Cutting P/C/F

  1. Ideal Cutting P/C/F

    Bobo, or anyone that might have some insight on this. What would
    you say is the ideal macro breakdown for a cutting diet. I am currnetly
    on a timed carb diet but was wondering what all of you thought. Also, i
    workout first thing in the morning, so would it be best to eat atleast
    some whey before lifting. I will be doing low intensity cardio on an empty
    stomach on non training days and probably 20 min of low intensity after
    training. Any info would be a great help guys.


  2. THere isn't one. Its different for everyone.
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  3. Bobo, i guess i should not have said "ideal" what i ment to say

    was that since i am coming off of a low carb diet where would
    be a good place to start. I know you dont like low carb diets and that is
    one of the reasons i posted it here. Would something like a 40/30/30 split
    work? I also know that being that i amcoming off of a low carb diet i need to
    introduce them slowly. Thanks


  4. 40/40/20 would proably be the best considering your situation. Just keep the fats clean and the carbs low-mod GI and you should be just fine.
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  5. Thanks Bobo,

    I will try that, and work my way up to that amount of carbs
    over a period of about 2 weeks. I have been reading a lot of your
    posts since you started being a trainer and i think as soon as i buy
    my house i will be added to the list clients of yours.


  6. what is 40/40/20?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by logik
    what is 40/40/20?
    40% protein calories, 40% carb calories, 20% fat calories

  8. logik bear in mind each gram of protein and carbs contain 4 calories and each gram of fat contains 9 calories

    so 200 grams of protein = 800 calories
    200 grams of carbs = 800 calories
    200 grams of fat = 1800 calories

  9. ahh, thank you


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