Poll: Do you work Traps with Back or Shoulders?

Do you work Traps with Back or Shoulders?

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  1. Do you work Traps with Back or Shoulders?

    Do you work Traps with, Back or Shoulders and why?

  2. Quote Originally Posted by handzilla
    Do you work Traps with, Back or Shoulders and why?
    The main exercise I do for traps is wide grip upright row, and thats more for delts than traps. My traps grow very easy, so its not really an issue for me.

  3. I work them with back since i do deads

  4. I find that deads work them well, but I work them with shoulders. Many shoulder movements like shoulder press, upright row, and lateral raise work them to a degree so i just throw in a set or two of shrugs to really get them.

  5. I am undecided at this point. I too find that the best trapwork seems to come from deads. I'll probably end up working traps both on OH Pressing day and on deadlifting day.

  6. Back day. Every other week I do rack pulls, which are murder on my traps.

  7. Actually I train them on hip dominant day or second leg day. Most times they are not trained directly.

  8. I train traps on deadlift day, which is separate from back day and shoulder day. Usually deads, abs, traps in one day.

  9. shoulder day. and on back day (when i do deads).

  10. I dont train traps at all, either i have great genetics for them or i get them really good through secondary effects of other exercises. I get complemented all the time on them, now if only my bic and calves were that way.

  11. i train traps on my shoulder days (3 or 4 sets of heavy barbell shrugs). i do this so they get hit twice a week when i do deadlifts on my back days.

  12. Both........just use different exercises/movements

  13. I usually train them on shoulder day just because back day is already so busy. I usually do shrugs, however I have had to quite doing them recently. After doing them my neck is stiff for a week

  14. I haven't done a shrug in over a year, my traps seem to grow with just doing deadlifts, which i just started doing again after a few months off, and my traps didnt seem to lose any noticeable size.

  15. the trapezius is a broad diamond shaped musclethat lies across your back. only 15% lies above your shoulder.soooooo since traps are a back muscle.........
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  16. i do my traps with my shoulders. since i like to do heavy shrugs, and trying to do that after deads doesnt work well.

  17. I've had my best trap development doing power cleans, I did do deads at the time, but since when I stopped doing power cleans, some people told me my traps didn't "stick out like they used to". The exercise is very exhausting but it did the job for me.

  18. When I do shrugs I do them on back day with deads.When I do upright rows i do them on shoulder day this seems to give it a good balance

  19. i don't train traps directly. they get worked enough from my shoulder and back day.

  20. It should really depend on the rest of your workout -- it does not much matter.

  21. On back day right after deadlifts, I go for 2-3 heavy sets.

  22. I work the traps on shoulder days with a few heavy shrugs. Doing deadlifts/back with traps is too much and leads to overtraining for me.

  23. Back, mostly.

    I don't do upright rows due to the massively increased injury risk (versus other delt movements), so it's pressing and various lateral on delt day. And then on back they, they fit well since I often do deads, usually some form of shrugs or rack pulls (if If don't do deads).

  24. I dont work upper traps, cleans and deads are plenty for me.

    if your talking lower traps/rhoboids, then either with back or with chest.

  25. i work my traps on all training days (3x per week)...your traps can never get too much work, just ask Bill Starr. I use Power Shrugs, and then a back down set with a snatch grip, and then a further back down set of normal shrugs...also use Partial Deadliftsand high rep Hise Shrugs..my traps also get a good working from deadlifts....and it's all working a treat


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