A funny

  1. A funny

    I had a karate tourny today, what a comical thing this was.....

    We were working on 3 pts , winner and move on....I did ok first 2 people, i won, but than I see the 3rd, and I know there is no way in hell I am going to beat her....I had to look twice to make sure she wasent a man, and sure enough she wasent...( yet I still have my doubts).........

    The guys I fight with just looked and were like, good luck, now when your instructer comes up to you and says, just run, and walk don't and I repeat don;t let her touch you.......Your in deep crap!!!!! she had to be 6'3, 250, But lucky me she was in my belt class........so here i am 5'11, weighted in today at 132, I mean come on........ SO I guess i am lucky all she gave me was a black eye...LOL I think what made her mad was, I laughed at her the whole time.... I really was more interested in , are you a guy or a girl?.......I did ok as well, 2-3 so I did get 2 points...........

    And tomorrow is a 13 mile run.........I am going till I can't go anymore...........although at this rate it may happen soon...LOL

  2. Ouch, that would be scary for some guys too, especially with a karate background.

  3. 250 lb? I'd be scared myself.

  4. you shoulda bruce lee'd her ass

  5. Cont funny,
    I really dont know how things happen to me like this....LOL I had a 13 mile road race this Am, so I decided I was going to do it, with some friends, we are on mile 8 and all of a sudden, I am on the ground, I look down and see a banana peel with 1/2 a banana still in it, ( at some rest stops they passed out some fruit) So now that I have no skin on my right knee, leg, and a black eye...I get up and thankfully my friend had seen who threw it.....I dont know what came over me, but i ran and now this is mile 8, I ran as fast as I could, caught up to him and smeared the rest of the banana on his shirt........( he deserved it seeing as there was a trash can a mere 100 yrds) he turned and yelled at me, "what the hell" so I simply said, "thats for being stupid and careless, jackass"......and dropped back to my friends......I have to admit it felt good.....LOL and his face was priceless.........

    Course 13 miles was pushing it, and now i need to go collapse

  6. Talking about bad luck...


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