1. delts

    I'm trying to get bigger delts and traps. What are the beat pin point exercises that make them just explode. Because I'm not feeling them all that well

  2. Standing oh press

  3. Anymore??

  4. Keep in mind that you get a lot of shoulder involvement anytime you do presses for chest. I think some people tend to overwork the shoulder complex of muscles.

    I prefer DB shoulder presses because you get more range-of-motion. You can keep your wrists fixed while pressing or turn them while lowering the weight so that the palm is facing you. There's a lot of room to work with there to find that spot.

    When you're lifting more weight, you're involving more muscle. So if you're picking the exercise that allows you to use the most weight, you're probably using the most muscle. So whatever compound or dynamic exercise you can find that allows you to lift heavy weight.

    I'd supplement with side and rear DB raises. Go heavy, but never lose FULL range-of-motion here.. Otherwise you're pretty much wasting time.

  5. Sweet man. I appriciate the advice!



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