Question on lower back muscles

  1. Question on lower back muscles

    hey guys, long time member, long time lurker.

    got a question on my lower back muscles, they are different side to side. just from a quick goolge images search my thoracolumbar fascia's are different sizes. i notice it mainly when i am sitting up against something and my left side touches but my right side is about a half inch off. i can litterally stick a finger between what ever i am up against and touch my left side. there is no major pain only the normal back pains, but im just worried (only a little woried acctually).

    a little background:
    been lifting off and on, going on 10 years, 1st month back after 2 years off cause of job and family. i have had back surgery for a herniated disk in '05 (lower lumbar lamenectamy L5 S1) scar is on my left side. (could it be as simple as this?)
    i do squats and deads everyweek along with trunk ext., side lifts and other lower back strength exercises. i have no loss of strength side to side. it just when they are "pumped up" it is really noticeable (wife can see it by looking)
    i am about 212 lbs body fat in the mid teens, squat 340 and dead about 340 both for 1 rm (taking 2 years off sucks for the numbers)

  2. Bump. this in the wrong section? went back and forth on putting it in this or the training forum.

  3. Surgery could have something to do with it. If it's purely aesthetic, I wouldn't worry (unless you're planning on competitive bodybuilding). I completely tore my left rectus femoris in high school, but aside from looking weird, it has no effect on my training. Now, if there is a strength imbalance--likely in the spinal erectors--you'll want to correct that promptly. Also, I know you said there's no pain; just be mindful if it starts to become irritated.

  4. thanks, that goes along with what i was thinkng. it just helps to have some one else echo your thoughts some times.

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