How to strengthen tendon and bone?

  1. How to strengthen tendon and bone?

    Are there any excercises that focus on strengthening tendon and bone? I remember reading about a routine in one magazine or another a while ago...I think it relied on a lot of isometrics...


  2. I dont need strengthening bro Im strong enough.........Seriously though I dont know if you can strengthen your bones from lifting...... Bump for info



  3. Now we just need someone named tendon

  4. Your tendons and everything get stronger to handle the weight just the same as your muscles do. They will adapt. I donno about bones but I do know that lifting with heavy weights can increase bone density.

  5. Strengthening your bones is dependant upon two things. When you lift weights, yes you put stress on your bones. Just like a muscle, your bones will adapt to the increase in strength and become stronger, but instead of protein (which is also good for bones) you need a steady mineral profile in your diet. Not just calcium, but the electrolytes, and other minerals. So yes, you can strengthen bones through weight training. A lot of older men and women are getting into this hait to prevent osteoperosis.

    As far as tendons go. They dont grow so well to adapt to muscle size. Tendons hole muscle to bone so if your muscles are growing rapidly either from AAS, PHs or just a good spirt of growth, its likely you will have tendon trouble Stretching is a key to getting tendons loose so they can stretch and accomidate the muscle growth. A lot of PH and AAS users exeperience tendon ruptures, apophysitis, and tears or strains to their tendons from the rapid muscle growth. So be careful.

  6. I noticed that - this past 6 weeks Ive been upping the cals everyweek, and increased intensity. I hit a good growth spurt and I could feel pain in the tendons in my forearms. (forearms are a muscle Ive neglected, and I was hitting them hard...)

    Other than adapting to regular training, is there a routine or type of movements that focuses on your skeletal structure specifically? I think I read that excercises like clean and presses and deadlifts, which put a lot of strain on your whole body, help build a strong frame.

  7. I too have noticed pain in my tendons... mainly my left arm at the elbow... streaching helped a lot as did backing off the wieght a little....

  8. I am sure there are many many ways to improve bone, tendon, and ligament strength. One idea is to train with a greater intensity (90-100% 1RM) fairly frequently. You might try some type of singles routine. Incorporating heavy partials is another related idea.

    Basically many forms of training for limit strength will probably help you out. I'll bump on what YJ said as well. It is easy for muscle strength to override tendon strength triggering a major injury. Sometimes tendons/ligaments can easily take half a year to heal properly. So it makes sense to train them smartly.

  9. Stretching will improve flexablity. Also noted is the fact that The more flexible you are the better your muscle is going to operate.


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