Push ups and sit ups/leg extensions.

  1. Push ups and sit ups/leg extensions.

    Is it O.K. to work out my abs daily with only like two days off? Nothing crazy, just some basic simple ab workouts. My typical ab workout is weighted side bends, sit up machine- start with 50 lbs and do 10 reps and drop it to 40 and do another ten, etc....-, leg lifts or extensions ( not sure what they're called but using the dip machine and make a L with your legs). I might add a few more if it won't hurt me. I'm in great shape, btw. Just wanna build on the sides and lower while keeping my middle up to par.

    Next question is it O.K. to do push ups throughout the day and before my workout? I'm currently doing 90 push ups after I get done stretching. Is this going to hurt me on chest or tri days? Am I able to do them daily with only taking a day or two off from push ups?

    Same goes for dips and pull ups. Everyday or just on assigned days that go with my workout?

    p.s. I hope this is in the right forum.

  2. yea its fine...

  3. Alrighty then. Thanks

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