Plyo/agility drills

  1. Plyo/agility drills

    I'm in high school and I've recently started the 5x5 program for strength. I'd like to get bigger,stronger,faster etc. But I have track coming up and I'm a sprinter so weight gain isn't my main idea right now. Along with the 5x5 program any good ideas on plyos/ agility drills?

  2. Google "Insanity Asylum".

  3. Google it, and then forget you've seen it.

    Plyometrics are one of the most mal-prescribe exercises in the fitness industry. Plyometrics are not an exercise to be done for conditioning, and when they are done as such the result is poor motor programming, increased risk of injury, and lack of sport specific results. Yeah, you may lean out...but there are better ways to lean out while improving performance.

    What distance do you run? What other sports do you play?
    What is your 40 time, t-test time, cone drill time.
    What is your vertical and broad jump.

    These may help to identify what you need to work on, versus just throwing a bunch of jumping together and making you sweat.


  4. Yeah I searched it and wasn't that interested. I pretty much have what it offers. I am a running back/linebacker for football. In track I run the 100 and some field events like throwing and jumping. My forty last summer was 4.56 so 4.6. Broad was 9'.5". 4.2 shuttle. 32" vert. 35' power ball toss. 285 bench,455squat,415 deadlift,265 power clean.

  5. Solid numbers. Some may say the bench press is low; however, the bench press has little carryover to performance in most activities.

    The plyometrics and agility you add during the track season should be maintenance. I'm assuming you'll be doing a number of track-based plyometrics for linear speed. If you plan to add further plyometrics, I would suggest ones that focus on changes in direction and lateral speed. Where you add them is going to depend on the volume and intensity of your track workouts.


  6. Yeah I'd like to improve vertically, linear, and change of direction. Any ideas that might help!

  7. The sprint training for track work will improve linear speed.

    As far as quality free information goes on the internet, I think Kelly Baggett has some of the best information for athletes. Check out some of his articles to get some good ideas:


    EDIT: Here are two good ones for football:

  8. Alright thanks man.


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