Rack Deads - Where do you like the bar and why?

  1. Rack Deads - Where do you like the bar and why?

    I have always done my rack deads with the bar just below my knee. Sometimes this is lots of fun since many power cages don't go that low so i have to but the box on top of plates ( i need to get an extra 5 inches or so at golds to get bar there)

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    Then I also see many people with the bar at mid knee or top of knee.

    What is you preferred spot and why? How do you feel you benefit from the location you do it from vs the others?

    I know I can get more weight if bar a bit higher but am I getting as much benefit as when bar just below knee
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  2. I like just below the knee also. I think I get a better "pull" from it. When above the knee almost feel like its not enough distance



  3. Im just below the knee also!

  4. Just below the knee. So I can feel my glute activate and my posterior chain work to stabilize my body.
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  5. These observations are interesting to me. I don't have a rack, but perform deadlifts via Trap Bar. My bar only has the raised handles, so the grip is ~3 inches above where a normal bar would be, when on the floor & equipped with 45lb plates.

    I'm not very tall at 5'8" so when I get into position for the lift, it appears that my knees are only 3 inches higher than my hands. It would seem that I'm not too far off from what some prefer on their rack deads. Likewise, it feels comfortable, and I know my glutes and posteriors have been worked when I feel the aftermath later.

  6. I like just below knee level as well, but I use rack deads mainly as a trap/back movement. I have absurdly long arms, so my glutes don't fire much, but I love these for targeting the traps, erectors and the back overall. I don't go into these with the same mindset that I do with normal deads though.

  7. It depends on your center of gravity, stance, and arm length. I have a low center of gravity, long arms, and pull sumo and I set the pins about 4" higher than a full-range pull.
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