The Viking has fallen

  1. The Viking has fallen

    Well after a car crash that jumbled my insides all up, a hurt ankle, a three week illness that made it hard just to keep down water, a bout with severe frequent nose bleeds which required cauterization, and starting a new job that I have to commute over 65 miles to each day, I have started working out again.
    All this crap began about 3 and a half months ago. I was at a decently lean 210 now Im at a flabby 185. Feeling weak and small I'm dragging my sorry ass back to the gym. My first plan is to cut off some of the fat and then hit the basics.

    Squats 4 sets
    Leg curls 3 sets
    Calf Presses 3 sets

    Bench press 4 sets
    Military Press 3 sets

    Wrkt 3
    Deadlifts 4 sets
    Bent over rows 4 sets
    Pull ups 3 sets

    I was planning on doing the above for about 2 months and then progressing on. I've already started a circuit routine and damn I am weak as hell. Squats with 200 was hurting.

    Anybody have any advice or just words of encouragement out there. Hope to God muscle memory isnt just a myth.

  2. Go for it,injuries suck ass,I broke my femur 16 weeks before a show in 1989.I had a rod thru my femur for 13 months talk about atrophy,but once I got the go ahead from the Doctor,Muscle memory is a wonderful thing..Good luck man

  3. I started back last week after a battle with pneumonia, so I understand what you're going thru. All I can tell you is stay the course. I know firsthand how crappy it is to return to the gym and be utterly exhausted by weights that you used to warm up with. Into my second week back now, and things are starting to get better. All my weights are going up, and my bodyweight is increasing as well. I honestly think its all a mental exercise at this point. Realize your body has a timeframe of its own, and rushing it too quickly will paradoxically only slow it down. Hard advice to take I know, but it is true. Good luck!

  4. No, muscle memory works! Hold the course and eat! Good luck

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