Smoking ciggarrettes right after a workout

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  1. Thanks bro. Its a real pain in the ass to do a link from this phone.
    Everything I say is fictional and for entertainment purposes only. Do not ask me for sources. I dont have any.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by stankyleg View Post
    Thanks bro. Its a real pain in the ass to do a link from this phone.
    No worries.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by stankyleg View Post
    I just started a thread called "freedom from tobacco support group." I put it in general chat. Lets go!
    I think that's great. This habit can really hinder your stamina and muscle growth. Good luck bro. The more you lift, the less time you'll find to smoke.

  4. i'm surprised no one mentioned that along with raising cortisol it raises insulin and human growth hormone. this is one of the reasons it helps you cut down on fat. i'm not the cutting type as i'm just going for straight power when i lift, but for the bodybuilders here: a nicotine patch on a cutting cycle (for those who would rather not juice) might be helpful.

  5. I saw a picture of carrot top smoking while doing curls and he's ****in jacked!

  6. When I quit smoking - it was totally like being on gear that didn't have to be cycled and would never shut you down.

    Seriously - the gains just POURED on - you have no idea until you've tried this.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Masciaman View Post
    but hey when you quit smoking did you see like noticeable changes in your muscles like how could you tell they got bigger from quitting smoking and not just from your workouts lol
    I smoked for about a month in the middle of a bulk last winter. I'm not sure about the blood vessel restriction and whatnot, but it definitely suppressed my appetite, and when I quit I did notice that I had more endurance in the gym. Overall I felt a lot better in the gym when I quit, but that's just my 2.

  8. i always used 2 think about that


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