bigpetefox please look in

  1. bigpetefox please look in

    I was wondering what kind of training routine you did to develop the physique you have (as opposed to what you may be doing now to maintain that physique).

  2. He did nothing... he was genetically engineered to be a perfect speciman of a human being


  3. If you read some of his old stuff, he says he started off as a powerlifter.

  4. He doesn't lift weights it's all that poll work he does down at the club

  5. hes been lifting weights for like 18 yrs...

  6. He's been lifting girls in his bedroom for 18 years.

  7. I love you guys..

    Seriously, I started out weighing 145lbs, had the "underwear model" physique.. Girls liked it, but me being a nerd didn't help.. I started powerlifting with afew friends in college at the age of 15.. They were on school teams, one was a running back, one was a freestyle wrestler.. We did alot of basic compound movements, Push/Pull , rack running type stuff.. I went from 145 with pants on to 190 in a matter of months.. I got to 225 when I was 19, hurt my back on the second rep of deadlifting 550.. So, I'm in active army with a bad back, and gained abit of fat.. I had to run abit more often than others.. Dropped down to 175-180, stayed there no matter what I did with diet.. 2001, I was one of the guinea pigs who bought a ****load of Trenabol-X from, and ate BK 4 times a day.. After all the whoppers, drinking N-Large 3x daily, and taking twice the serving amount of Tren-X, I got back up to 220.. I dropped down to 169 to place third in a local NPC in 2002, last year I placed a pathetic 5th..

    Now, I'm no longer competing, so I eat when/what/how much I want, and I do pay attention to fat gain.. Of course, I'm using a more high-caliber product these days..

  8. Ok, a shorter post..

    All I do now is a mix of my old routines, and a ton of what I've been doing.. Keep in mind I don't have a set routine, I pretty much figure out what I feel like lifting once I get in the door of the gym.. Plus, it depends on how much I've eaten, energy, what's not sore, blah-blah..

    Heavy compounds, 8-10 rep range, compound exercises I do 5 sets, everything else I only do 3, same rep scheme.. I usually do no more than 4 exercises per bodypart also..


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