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5 mile run!!

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    Red face 5 mile run!!

    There is a 5 mile run tomorrow, I plan on doing that run I have in the past done, grape juice/protien bar in the AM ( 1 hours before run)Lately I cant seem to hold in much? I know water wont cut it, knowing hills and stuff is going to take its toll on me, Anything you can think of that's lighter on the stomach, that I may be able to hold, I know i should not do this run, BUT I HAVE TO, for me it may be my last run for a long time and I have to do this for me...( I know someone out there can relate to this, stubborn, stupid mind frame) LOL

    Past month, 30+ pds lost, but need to stay hydrated as its due to being sick,??!! any advice is welcomed, except to not run, thats not an option......

    thanks guys

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    I already gave you my advice.. but just make sure you keep hydrated and I would have at least on sports drink handy..
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    when i run i get my fav gatorade flavor in one of the thin squeezy bottles fruit punch is like da ****...

    good luck on the run; i cant even run 5 miles; eventually if I want to go be a PJ; i'll have to run 6 in 42min

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    Maybe that power gel stuff. That might be a little lighter on the stomach than a sports drink and let you hydrate with more water.

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