1. Abs

    Need some killer abs and looking o some advice on sum exercise routines to get the results . I have hardly and fat on my body and I'm toned to the high heaven but my abs just don seem to develop very well ?? Help anyone

  2. My favorites r leg raises, reverse crunches and planks

  3. I got the 4 pack just need to develop the las two the lower onesleg raise should do this thanks

  4. If your conditioning is there, try dragon raises on a flat or slightly incline'd bench, followed by leg raises, then decline crunches all as one big superset. Shoot for about 12 reps per ex with no rest. Add weight across the board once you can do that. I can almost guarantee the lower abs and definition will start to come out after a few workouts.

  5. Thankyou very much . I will try add that to my workout .

  6. Try to incorporate a lot of compound exercises like squats and deadlifts. Also weighted cable crunches and even weighted leg raises(strict form though cause u can kill your lower back)

  7. I have one day when I do squats and deadlifts maybe I should have 2 days .

  8. Quote Originally Posted by jimmydaniel View Post
    I have one day when I do squats and deadlifts maybe I should have 2 days .
    I'd split them up so you have max power. They're important lifts...

  9. Yeah I have missus and Fridays my power lift days .

  10. Meant to say Monday's not missus but I do have one of those 2 lol .

  11. After doing some stretching I usually do these before a workout, without stopping..

    Roman Chair Crunches x 50
    Leg Raises x 25
    Knee-Ups x 25
    Reverse Crunches x 25
    Hanging Side Twists x 20 each side
    Leg Raises x 25
    Crunches x 25
    Standing Twists (for obliques) x 50 each side
    Stomach Vacuum x 1 minute

    Then I'll do some more ab work at the end of my workout. Maybe another multi-set thing like this. I find frequent exercising of the abs works best for me as long as I don't overdo it in one day. When I feel like I need to rest them, I do. But I'll go something like 3-4 days, then rest a day, then 3-4 more, rest a day, ect..

    Don't really do a lot of weighted ab work. If you use weight, you're likely to make the muscle bigger. If you want a slimmer waist, don't use weight. That way, they'll look tight but not big.

  12. If what Doss said doesnt work for you idk if anything will lol

  13. Lot of help guys added to my training schedule will update with pics if any change .

  14. for abz, i find the best workouts are table pushaways and fork setdowns.

    in other words, make sure you are lean enough to even see them. and if you are skinny and you want abz, thats like big tits on a fat chicks. no one cares.
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.

  15. Killer abs mean Killer diet. Watch what you eat and be a FOODIE!! That's the best "crunch" you can do bro.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by asooneyeonig View Post
    for abz, i find the best workouts are table pushaways and fork setdowns.
    Could you describe those? I'm not familiar with those exercises. Sounds interesting.


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