D.o.m.s question

  1. D.o.m.s question

    I get sore everywhere but why is it so much worse in the legs? Just wondering

  2. Maybe you hit your legs harder then other bodyparts?, i think theres alot of factors that can affect the soreness throughout the body. My legs get pretty dam sore, the whole sitting on a toilet seat deal makes me wanna cry lol, but my arms and lats i can smash them with minimal sorness, So maybe try some light leg work a few days after your main leg workout to get some blood pumped into them.....
    "Dont worry about the burn man! You can do Jane Fonda classes if you want the burn"

  3. I like doing Legs on a day where I can do cardio for at least 2-3 days afterwards, I've found that this greatly helps my legs recover.


  4. My legs hurt like a mofo up to 5 days later it's ridiculous I can't barely walk and it's everytime I do legs

  5. Stretch after your workout, off days, and do cardio. Are you doing something new in your leg routine?

  6. I have found that stretching and soft tissue work help me recover faster.

  7. Short answer is large muscles and more inflammation from the microtrauma. DOMS is, more or less, due to bleeding from the microtrauma to the muscle. Since the area is so large, it takes more time for the body to repair and recover.
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