Solution to middle deltoid with pain/burning

  1. Solution to middle deltoid with pain/burning

    I want to say when I was 20-21 is when this first started. I was doing the what I think is called the hammer strength shoulder press ( where you load plates on each side and each arm is independent from the other). I was feeling really strong on that day and put more weight than my gut told me to. After that lift I had just a slight burning sensation under the middle deltiod, the sensation of acid build up is what I figured. Well weeks went by and I could barely move my arm 5" off my side. Went to the sport doctor and was told I had a partially torn teres minor.

    So 6-7yrs later I am having this pain or burning sensation while doing side raises. Now before I get ahead of myself, during chest and shoulders, I have to warm up the shoulder or its pain waiting to happen. Ill do 15 reps 4 sets of 5lb cuban rotations (dumbell) and will also do with the dumbell some internal/external rotations at the same time. This always works for my shoulder during bench and shoulders, but not for side raises now.

    I have 2 different kinds of feelings depending on the rep/weights I use. Normal sets are 5 reps, 30,35,40lb dumbells for side raises HURTS whatever is under the middle deltoid. I cant increase the weight no matter what I do, 1 arm, both arms, leaning to one side, turning wrists, moving my arms from next to me to 6" further up front. Iv even done short reps and dont bring my arm straight across. Its pain. NOW with say 15lb dumbells I can do 15-20 controlled reps and there is no "pain". Then I get that BURNING sensation like the acids there and just wont go away.

    Whats the deal? I can do 320bench nada, 100lb dumbell seated overhead nada. Its just those side raises that give me the pain/burning. Is this something where perhaps cissus would help, a few hours dedicated to working out the rotator cuff? My everyday life isnt affected by it, shoulder doesnt hurt while driving, sitting doing everyday normal tasks. I can sit here and spin my shoulder round and round and it feels fine, just when I do raises.

    I circled the area (most of it) to where the pain/burning is felt.

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  2. That's your rotator cuff. Its not acid, its tendinitis, and if you continue, it will weaken further and eventually fully tear. Cissus will not help. Stop doing side raises.


  3. I would have to agree with Zir.

    I'm recently recovering from a similar issue. I still have minor aching (still) around my lateral head, but I know its RC not my delt. How does it feel when you do pull ups or chin ups? For about a month I couldn't do dips, they would kill. My problem is bullseye in your circle.

    Be very careful with your RC. Ice it plenty. I took a week off from training, and just stuck with cardio. It would be wiser to take longer, but it was driving me nuts not to weight lift, I hate cardio. Warm up that shoulder real good before training, if your going to continue.

  4. Pull ups are fine no problems there unless I do very wide pull downs, then my shoulder gets bothered so I keep it close together or no wider than shoulder. No other lift bothers it.

    If I am going to continue? HAHA I cant stop. Put a gun to my head, ull pull the trigger before I never pick up a weight/rock/log again! 9yrs and 75lbs of gain there IS no point in stopping.

    No more side raises ugh. Any other solutions to get that bad boy to grow? Ill google in the mean time.

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