Squats and test

  1. Squats and test

    I have heard mixed reports on whether doing squats raises testosterone levels. Is it myth or does doing squats actually raise test levels?

  2. I can't remember where I read it, but its true. Squats ATG with heavy weight (3 to 6 reps). Either way, squats are good for you.

  3. I admit, i am one of those who hate doing squats. I am diligent in my workouts but if pressed for time, i always skip the leg workouts. Knowing this, I suppose I'll put more emphasis on maintaining my leg workouts.

  4. I've always heard "if you want big arms, workout your legs".... the understanding that the legs are the largest muscle group and by building them up you're not only building a strong base for your upper body but like you said - you have way more testosterone helping out those arms

  5. doing the big compounds with heavy weights will raise test levels over the next few days

  6. Yes, but the amount is more or loess inconsequential.
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