Martial Arts + Weight Training

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    Martial Arts + Weight Training

    This is for those of you that train in martial arts, boxing, wrestling etc.
    I do karate in Japan and also do bb.
    My dilemma is this - I need functional strength for karate, but I also want the hypertrophy.
    Is it possible to train for both?
    Strength training is 4-6 reps with 3-4 mins rest, & hypertrophy training is 6-12 reps with 1-2 mins rest.
    Plus the tempo is obviously different.
    Is it best to switch between the two, or to just focus on one of them?

  2. my feelings is to stick with a rep range which is best of hypertrophy however, the rep of 6-12 you stated i always thought was a bit too high on the high range. I personally believe a range of 6-10 is sufficient. (only do i on isolationg movements, up the range to 12) Although basketball is not quite the same as martial arts, they both involve a feature of physical endurance. That being said, ive always played ball into a few years in college and know that when training at most level of competivie bball league, the team applies the concept of the tempo scheme being more important than the rep range itself. I mean, we always incorporated explosive reps, with pretty moderate negatives. whether training a small muslce group or a bigger one, having an explosive essentric motion (however controlled) is what was preached so the weight training aspect, led into the actual sport. Sage

  3. Ive seen some shows where martial artists trained with olympic lifts. Cleans especially. Oly lifts produce alot of functional strength.
    Try doing your reps explosively/quick like some oly/sports training/PL's do to increase explosiveness.

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